Why is blonde hair and white skin tone glorified?

Sometimes my mother insists that I should dye my hair a lighter brown or add highlights to it because according to her, that's what many men notice more. Needlessly to say I've already dyed my hair several times in the past (at the time it was because I simply wanted to) but grew tired of it after a while... waste of money every single month.

I'm now with my original mid-dark brown hair and it'll stay that way till the color vanishes with old age (then I'll just dye it with the color I was born). Another issue, she has this concept that whites are the most desirable of all races and that guys would tend to like those women more.

So this is basically a defeat I guess. I'll never be the gorgeous 9/10 in looks white girl with blonde hair. I'm just a 6-7 in looks hispanic woman (I'm not an hourglass but neither chubby, I'm average weight), darker hair and eyes and olive skin.

It sucks that all it takes is skin and hair color to be glorified... I fail to see what makes that more attractive than other races, other skin tones.


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  • I think your mother is totally clueless. Most guys like brunettes actually. The fact that Marilyn Monroe sang that men prefer blondes does not necessarily make it true.

    I get that you are black? About men preferring whites. I think it depends where you look. A lot of guys here will tell you they have no problems with black girls. I sure don't. If I find a girl attractive, I find her attractive. The skin color doesn't change anything. I think the attitude has much more to do with it. If you are approachable, it shouldn't be a problem.

    • I'm hispanic with olive skin (mestiza to be exact... my mother is whiter than me but father is much darker than than me). I'm actually the mixture between our indigenous ancestors and white spaniards.

    • It actually sounds very beautiful. I don't believe your chances are less than any white girls.

    • You know how many white women pay a fortune in tanning salon to get a skin that resembles yours?

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  • Not true. Remember it's only true if you allow yourself to believe it. Different people like different things.

    Also, you have to ask yourself when looking at the beauty advertisement. Who is the target audience?

    If somebody has to work overtime in the MSM to force white blondes down everyones throats its because they aren't better. Because the keyword there is TRY. You don't have to force things that are better they just are. It's brainwashing 101.

    And white blondes are a minority. Nothing wrong with them either they're beautiful too.
    Keep in mind that brunettes are the majority.


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  • what men love is someone different if you were to move to a country where there is a lot of blonde hair white skin people a lot of men would find you attractive guaranteed. Me personally I have a weakness for dark haired girls its all a matter of opnion

  • "Glorified" lol! By whom? Mainstream media and their commercial advertisers?😂. The system and it's imagery manipulation and subliminal messaging?

    They're not "glorified". They're shoved in your face and down your throat until you actually think what they want you to think. I see it worked on you.

  • I have no idea, it IS sexy tho.

    • I guess but it's cool to be liked for who you are... the guy liking my natural hair color and olive skin... my natural self. I have no interest in dying my hair nor making nor wearing fake contact lense, none of that.

    • That's fair enough, personally I find it attractive but I don't find brunettes with olive skin unattractive at all, I'd definitely date one!

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  • I'm a white girl and I've never felt glorified. 😕

  • Your mom is right that blonde hair and white skin is the most desired look in the world.
    But if yor happy with the way you look then stay that way.

    • Yeah, I don't want to change anything. I would be happy with a man just liking me this way.

    • with no fake hair dye nor eye contact nor anything fake...

  • I've asked a question and made a myTake similar to this about girls of all cultures and races with darker skin tones.

  • I watched a Buzzfeed video on the different hair colors, and less then 2% of the adult population is a true blonde! I guess the rarity of it makes it appealing to some.

    I have dirty blonde and light brown hair. I am white with brown eyes so I can't really vouch that guys go after me more, they don't. They prefer just small short girls when I'm average height and weight.

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has different preferences. Comparison is the thief of joy. I can tell myself I'll never be as thin as a Victora's Secret model, or I can be happy with the size of my boobs. Try not to bring yourself down so much.

    P. S. your mother sounds like an ass, all races are equally beautiful and capable of love.

    • yeah I've noticed some prefer shorter girls. I'm 5'7 and average weight. Thank you for the advice thought. Personally, I'm fine with my natural self and have told my mother that a guy that really likes me will like the real me.

    • Only some though. I'm 5'7" too so I mean average height and weight isn't bad, but hey. And you're welcome, I'm glad you can see past the pettiness of some and appreciate yourself the way you are. We are all beautiful in different ways and the right guy will figure that out and cherish you <3

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