Why is blonde hair and white skin tone glorified?

Sometimes my mother insists that I should dye my hair a lighter brown or add highlights to it because according to her, that's what many men notice more. Needlessly to say I've already dyed my hair several times in the past (at the time it was because I simply wanted to) but grew tired of it after a while... waste of money every single month.

I'm now with my original mid-dark brown hair and it'll stay that way till the color vanishes with old age (then I'll just dye it with the color I was born). Another issue, she has this concept that whites are the most desirable of all races and that guys would tend to like those women more.

So this is basically a defeat I guess. I'll never be the gorgeous 9/10 in looks white girl with blonde hair. I'm just a 6-7 in looks hispanic woman (I'm not an hourglass but neither chubby, I'm average weight), darker hair and eyes and olive skin.
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It sucks that all it takes is skin and hair color to be glorified... I fail to see what makes that more attractive than other races, other skin tones.
Why is blonde hair and white skin tone glorified?
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