Dark Skinned Girls


I'm making this for dark skinned women of all races, not just for African American women because unfortunately dark skinned women of all races go through this. I've noticed a lot of younger dark skinned women especially teens have this unfortunate mindset that says light skin is the right skin because they see it in the media, and even hear it from their own families, and that they'll always be ugly because of their darker skin. I'm not making this to bash those of a lighter skin tones, but to help these darker skinned girls love their unique dark skintone.

Now, as a darker skinned woman you've probably heard/felt the following:

  • You have masculine features.

  • You're ugly because of your darker skintone.

  • You're super ghetto and rude.

  • You're mean with a stand off-ish attitude.

  • That you shouldn't go out and enjoy the sun because you'd get darker.

  • You have @#$% coloured skin.

  • Guys will never like you.

  • Light skinned girls are prettier.

  • "You're pretty for a dark skinned girl."

  • You're automatically jealous of light skinned girls.

Even though there's negative things felt and said about having dark skin there are benefits from it too. The following benefits are:

  • You have more melanin in your skin which means less sun damage, and better protection.

  • Skin Cancer is not a big a risk.

  • Bright clothing makes you look fun, and lively because of the contrast with your skintone.

  • You age better and look younger than what you really are.

  • You don't have to worry about freckles.

  • You have naturally warm, and glowing skin so there's no need to tan.

  • You have a beautiful and more exotic look which makes you unique.

  • Your skin looks way more beautiful when you're under the sun rather than out of it.

  • Red and purple lipstick shades are your friend.

  • No matter what eyeshadow colour your wear there's always a mystifying look when combined with your skintone.

And last, but not least...

  • You're bomb not matter what stupid trends are in.

Dark Skinned Girls

Dark Skinned Girls

Dark Skinned Girls

Dark Skinned Girls

Dark Skinned Girls
Dark Skinned Girls
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