Dark Skinned Girls

I'm making this for dark skinned women of all races, not just for African American women because unfortunately dark skinned women of all races go through this. I've noticed a lot of younger dark skinned women especially teens have this unfortunate mindset that says light skin is the right skin because they see it in the media, and even hear it from their own families, and that they'll always be ugly because of their darker skin. I'm not making this to bash those of a lighter skin tones, but to help these darker skinned girls love their unique dark skintone.

Now, as a darker skinned woman you've probably heard/felt the following:

  • You have masculine features.
  • You're ugly because of your darker skintone.
  • You're super ghetto and rude.
  • You're mean with a stand off-ish attitude.
  • That you shouldn't go out and enjoy the sun because you'd get darker.
  • You have @#$% coloured skin.
  • Guys will never like you.
  • Light skinned girls are prettier.
  • "You're pretty for a dark skinned girl."
  • You're automatically jealous of light skinned girls.

Even though there's negative things felt and said about having dark skin there are benefits from it too. The following benefits are:

  • You have more melanin in your skin which means less sun damage, and better protection.
  • Skin Cancer is not a big a risk.
  • Bright clothing makes you look fun, and lively because of the contrast with your skintone.
  • You age better and look younger than what you really are.
  • You don't have to worry about freckles.
  • You have naturally warm, and glowing skin so there's no need to tan.
  • You have a beautiful and more exotic look which makes you unique.
  • Your skin looks way more beautiful when you're under the sun rather than out of it.
  • Red and purple lipstick shades are your friend.
  • No matter what eyeshadow colour your wear there's always a mystifying look when combined with your skintone.

And last, but not least...

  • You're bomb not matter what stupid trends are in.

Dark Skinned Girls


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  • I saw a video relating to this that broke my damn heart.


    People say the media doesn't influence our perspectives but these children have clearly been influenced by our movies and television and our fashion magazines. It's so widespread and although it is slowly changing there is still this mentality that "white is right". We need to celebrate all skin tones because it's unacceptable that children think people are bad or less intelligent due to the color of their skin.

    • Omg my boyfriend told me about those experiments (cause I'm interested in psychology) and every time I think of it I don't even know how to react, it's so awful..

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    • Referring to the video, obviously

    • It's always the white man's fault

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  • Love this take! My cousin is very dark skinned and she always says she wishes she was white like me, it's so sad because she's only 8 and she cries because she thinks she's ugly because of her skin but she's absolutely beautiful!!! She's got this cute little button of a nose and huge brown eyes she's going to be a knockout she literally looks like a doll! I remember when Lupita Nyong'o said she loved her skin on sesame street and I made my cousin watch it, she had little happy tears and couldn't stop smiling, we need more representation like that for little girls especially! 38.media.tumblr.com/.../...zkxx4S1sdwksno1_500.gif


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  • What turns me off in a dark-skinned girl is the same thing that would turn me off in any girl:

    1. Disingenuous

    2. Dishonest

    3. Grudges last a lifetime, no matter how small the initial slight

    4. Cannot lose gracefully.

    5. Cannot win gracefully.

    6. Insists in a dispute that I be isolated from anyone who would back me up, but does not apply the same standard of fairness to herself.

    7. Speaks loudly and on Facebook about "feeling the love" and "showing the love," but rejects every offer I put forward and shows me none.

    8. Won't take responsibility for any of her own screw-ups, but is quick to put words in my mouth or indict me at the drop of a hat for things I was never even around for.

    9. Makes gross assumptions about my family history, then tries to use them against me.

    10. No matter what my initial point is, if any of my words can be hijacked to make it about her pet issue, suddenly nothing about my original point matters. It has to be all about her. Even if it had nothing to do with her.

    11. Pounces me like a wolf, then cries wolf to get herself out of trouble.

    12. When I start connecting the dots on some news events and suggest there's a false-flag operation, she doesn't hesitate to use the R word to dismiss me. When I tell her the Trotskyite origins of that thinking, she's oblivious to what I'm talking about, and refuses to be educated.

    13. I come alone, see her, say hi. She sends a posse after me to tell me that I'm "a problem."

    14. Gives me some sort of bull about "the patriarchy," instead of just admitting that had she used more common sense and waited the 10 damn minutes I asked her to for me to back her up, instead of going somewhere dangerous on her own, she might not have been all alone when a bunch of creeps jumped her.

    Any woman who behaves this way ends up on my to-avoid list. Regardless of shade of skin.

  • I've never understood this. A beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, regardless of skin tone. I've met, known, and in a couple of cases, dated some girls with dark skin who were lovely.

    The irony is that the only people who seem to care about this (in the US, at least) are black people.

    • Pretty much, I have NEVER seen anyone hate on a dark skinned girl and say that white skin looks better. Maybe it's because I live in florida, but most of the people I know prefer darker skin. Hell I even dated a Brazilian girl for 2 years and I'm your sterotypical white guy that is slightly tan

    • Black people probably care more because statistically, it is the least physically desired group. You wouldn't know because you aren't black, but we do get more hate on skin color. None blacks may face ridicule based on beauty but black people really do get comments more specific to their race rather than as individuals.

    • I get that, but the "racism" is blacks hating on other blacks, which, again, I don't get. I admit, I live in northern California, which as things go is relatively non-racist, and there is plenty of interracial dating (whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc.) and so forth, but the ONLY people I ever hear commenting about skin shade (in both positive and negative ways) is black people. It's kind of sad.

  • Wow!!!' That girl in the first pic is drop dead gorgeous😍. And i think her skin color accentuates her other beautiful features and is one of the major factors of her attractiveness, if not the main factor. WOW.😯😯😯

    All the other girls are beautiful too but #1 just struck me instantly as gorgeous.

    Thank God I got off the Kool aid and woke up so I can see this beauty of melanin without filters or bias or negative pre-programmingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Oh, and I'm totally on board in understanding your take and agree with itπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Nothing wrong with dark skinned ladies, they are very attractive.

  • Dark-skinned girls are as attractive as any other girl, and the only reason anyone feels otherwise is directly related to racism. If you find dark-skinned girls ugly, think hard about why, where that stigma comes from, and realize it's bullshit and totally racist.

    • ... so having racial preferences is racist now?

      I guess everyone in the world is racist. Might as well embrace it.

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    • @koko124 Why would it matter if it's a guy or a girl? It doesn't. There's racial prejudice towards men too, and of course girls can be as racist as any man can.

    • I'm a racist now

  • It's just the global hangover from the colonial times... It'll pass. I live in India. The cosmetic companies have been selling skin lightening products to women for ages. It seems as if every chick in the world wants to look European.

    • What? In America it's all about tans and wanting to look like a Hispanic or Latino

    • @albinoninja66 no a lot of naturally darker skinned people in America still bleach. It's the pale white people that wanna be tan

    • I guess. The grass is always greener on the other side... Personally. I think Hispanic and Middle Eastern looking people are the most beautiful in the world. But that's just my opinion.

  • Out of the black races, I actually like the dark skin women the most.

    Especially the contrast between the dark brown and the pink. You know what I'm talking about.

    Crude? Yes but still a positive.

    There's nothing wrong with having darker skin. Both genders have it and there's nothing masculine about it.

  • This site is getting SICKENING when it comes to this BLACK VS WHITE BULLCRAP. MFs can't even have a simple discussion without some fucking phaggot and or bitch bringing up skin tone/s. WTF!!! does this have to do with white people? @Charliep


    • I never mentioned black or whites. I just mentioned women of all races with a darker skin tone. . -.

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    • @Albinoninja66 My old name was #MistNinja314 *teaches you the shadowclone ninjutsu* ... now you can like it 1 million times LOL

  • Two things. Dark skin girls are so good in bed they make sure you are treated well. And second their funny as hell. However this does not go to all the dark skin girls. This is my personal experience. My personal experience with women. Don't get me wrong a lot of dark skin girls (talking about African American girls only in this post) tend to be quite ghetto as you put it though not all dark skin girls are like that. Dark skin girls are not the only one that tend to be ghetto. So light skin girls who are ghetto as well are a turn off for me. It's about being a lady not being able to beat a dude with your bare knuckles lol

  • That's nice... but there's no need for that to be told. ... everybody knows dark color is beautiful. .

  • Ummm I don't know where you get your information from, but dark skinned girls are actually prefered by a lot of people including myself. It's all about preferences, just like long/short hair and thigh gap/ no thigh gap. Some people like paper white and some (like myself) like darker girls. There is even a specific range for most people. For instance I am attracted to any skin tone from a tan white to olive Hispanic. This does not mean that I think that a black girl or super white girl is unattractive, it just means that I naturally don't prefer those skin tones. I prefer Hispanic or Latino just like how someone can prefer black or white.

    • She isn't saying darker girls aren't attractive, she is just trying to make them feel better because statistics show time and time again that darker skinned girls are seen as less attractive. History even displays this. The world has been shaped off of Eurocentric beauty standards. And yes, every individual has their own preference.

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    • @smexysludge112 so you're telling me that even though people don't actually care, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, etc. Teach their kids that they should try to be European?

    • A lot of people do care, and no they dont teach them to be European, but wevtaught that you can be dark but not "too dark". Its called colorism, look it up

  • The third and the fifth ones aren't attractive to me, but that's nothing to do with their skin.

    The first one is as sexy as anything.

    Women of all colours are gorgeous; it's an individual thing IMHO.

  • I have had many dark skinned girlfriends, they were gorgeous. Like
    a fucking dumbass I let them get away.

    • Why'd you let them get away?

    • Because I was immature little, alcoholic, redneck twerp and didn't know better.
      Especially a girl from Nigeria. She was so beautiful and I got her pregnant. We were in college
      and she came from a wealthy family. She miscarried and for whatever reason, our relationship
      was never the same or as good. God I miss her !

    • O_O Wow, I'm sorry about all of that happening, especially that miscarriage.

  • Each skin color has its own beauty. Dark skin is beautiful, as the light skin.

  • There are Beautiful Wht girls, lite skined girls and Dark Skinned Girls, , no pref here, BUT, there is Something Bout Really Dark Skinned Girls that turn me on, and I am White by the way

  • Nice take.

  • You can tell the women that all you want, but it won't make me or other men view dark skinned women as more attractive. I can't help what I'm physically attracted to and light skinned women are the only ones I'm attracted to.

    • Oh no what are we gonna do without you? Lol! One less jerk to like. Pretty sure she was addressing and uplifting other WOMEN so... Yeaaaa... And don't speak for other men or in your case boys.

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    • Because you are an extremely ignorant person and I think I should shed some light on this. I could say the same to you. You obviously care enough that you keep responding, too. I care about making you realize how stupid you sound. We don't need anymore ignorant people in the world. We have enough of them. Yes, you have every right to voice your opinion and no one is stopping you from doing it. Just like I have every right to voice my opinion and my opinion is that your comment is irrelevant, unnecessary and ignorant. Me responding to your opinion doesn't make me hurt or offended. It just simply means I want to respond. And you still haven't given me a reason to why i might be hurt or offended. What reason would I possibly be hurt or offended?

    • @FriedChickeneisha

      Its very easy to tell he got to you, it just screams butthurt about your posts, i dont agree with him, but if you really didn't care or didn't get angry, you wouldn't keep responding to him, and it seems to me he is just responding to provoke you at this point because he can tell it works.

  • Kelly Rowland is bad as fuck!

  • Excellent take, its good to see more aware people on these issues. Keep on spreading self love!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ’―

  • Dark-skinned girls have masculine features? Since when?
    I don't really find light/pale skinned girls attractive, either.

    • We dark skinned girls are told that by people believe it or not. We don't have super masculine features, but a lighter skin tone has always been seen as more "feminine" for Lord knows whatever idiotic reason.

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    • I can we why you wouldn't understand it because you're more than likely not dark skinned yourself so you don't experience what we do. When it's not something someone can relate to they either ignore it, or pretend it doesn't exist because they view it as something that isn't their problem, or that isn't a real problem. Meanwhile, millions of women and some men out there are bleaching their dark skin just to fit into societies beauty standards. It's why skin bleaching is a multibillion dollar industry. Many Asian and African/African American women use skin lightening products from lotions to face masks to body washes and make-up. Even some white girls import Asian beauty products for the skin lightening effect it has. I can understand using a lighting product to dark rid of dark spots and acne scars to get an even skin tone, but when you're doing it just to be lighter and join the "light skin is the right skin" hype is when it gets sick and wrong.

    • White people go through it too. See blonde/redhead vs. brunettes.

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  • Personally, I will say this.
    The misconception is that dark skin people have more melanin than light skin people.
    That is incorrect.
    Darker skin individuals than the same amount as melanin as someone that is lighter skinned.
    The only difference is the rate at which the melanin is broken down which can account for the skin complexion differences.

    Also, I'd like to say dark skinned women are beautiful.
    And although I am not very dark... I have never been hated for my skin color.
    I often get checked out daily by men of different races.
    I notice that women who are extremely dark in complexion (tend to go through the discrimination that you speak of).
    I am glad you posted this take to empower women that go through this, and remind them that they are beautiful.

  • Yes, you are absolutely right. I have been told so many times that I am ugly because I am dark skin. I am only 17 and I have had guys tell me if I was light skin, they would date me. Therefore, since I am dark I am considered ugly.

    I have been insecure about my skin tone since I was six years old and girls in an elevator told me how I was ugly and I had shit colored skin. I am tired of society telling me that I am not beautiful. I am tired of putting myself lower because I am dark. Dark skin girls tend to be the most insecure, and criticized the most. That I am dumb, ratchet or rude, have an annoying voice.

    When in reality, I have a 3.9 GPA, I have been told I am one of the most polite young lady some people have ever met, and my voice is usually mistaken for white because I sound proper. (Because I am dark skin and black, I can't speak proper English with big words. Amazing right?)

  • lol i dont have skin color issues but i remember one time in 10th grade i had beef with another girl and one guy made a comment saying i was jealous of her because she's light skinned. he was soo stupid for that comment, like im gonna be mad and hate someone JUST because they're yellow. nope, not their personality or the way they treat people - it just has to be because she's lighter than me.

  • That's unfortunate that dark-skinned girls ALLOW themselves to be brainwashed like that. Don't let them dominate you like that, it's weak-minded.
    Look at this utterly stunningly gorgeous dark-skinned girl and tell me if she should ever be ashamed of herself?

  • Who cares.. at the end of the day.. if the kkk comes to start hanging black people.. We are all getting hung.. light skin brown skin dark skin.. Gosh that skin tone issue is so stupid and annoying.. I myself haven't encountered it because I don't hang out with ignorant people that think skin tones make a person.. My ex is a light skin guy aspiring model.. with no job car or place to live at 25 .. my new boyfriend is a dark skin guy with a career a job and car and his own house.. So let's be honest.. Who would you marry?

  • Oh Anchal.

    I remember having the hugest crush on her and, to an even bigger degree, Eugenia Washington from ANTM.

    Wonderful MyTake. I live in the south, and it's depressing to live in an area where darker girls are made to feel less than their lighter counterparts. And it drives me insane when guys buy into it. One guy told me a perk of being pretty was being light, and that it was 'better' Hell no! That didn't sit well with me, so I told him so. People have to break the cycle of thinking this way.

    There is beauty and in every woman and darker women are just as beautiful, if not more so, than lighter women.

  • I think black women are beautiful and always have, i'm not sure why people find dark skinned girls unattractive and I get so sick of seeing the rude things people say towards them.

    I think they have beautiful features and it's ok to have a preference but how some people fail to see how beautiful some black women are, is beyond me lol

  • Well, I'm latina and have tanned skin like the fourth girl so I'm not that dark. I have never heard or felt any of the things you suggested. And I've never heard those things said about dark skinned girls of any race or ethnic group. It would be ridiculous to say that a dark skinned girl is ugly just because she's dark. However, it's true that the world is constantly telling us that light skinned people are the most attractive. But you know what? This is a lie. Don't believe it! Any person of any color can be beautiful. Don't allow the world's standards to affect your self-esteem or to make you feel less attractive just because of your skin color.

  • I'm dark skinned... and I thought I was unattractive for the longest time. This made me feel good about myself. Thank you. :)

  • I've read this although I'm not dark skinned and surprisingly in my country I've encountered almost the same stereotypes for being too fair!
    I'm also perceived more ugly or even sick because of my skintone.
    People also tell me I shouldn't go out and enjoy the sun because I'd get sun allergy and sun burns or worse, even more freckles! I often heard that guys will never like me because they 'prefer' girls who look 'healthy'. And where I come from tanned is definitely perceived prettier than fair! Oh, I could go on with this forever..
    So although I'm not dark, I still understand what it's like to be judged just based on skin color - and it sucks! But honestly I think you, no matter who you are or what you look like, shouldn't listen to the negative things but focus on the positive things - and those women in the pictures are all so pretty!

    • You should ignore what those haters say because you're a really beautiful girl.

  • You know, I am always ALWAYS envious of beautiful dark skinned girls. I can definitely appreciate their beauty.

  • Freckles are so cute though... My friend's 10 year old sister goes through this. She's white, but more Italian than any of them, so she has dark olive skin unlike her family. She got really depressed about it, but after I started coming around she let some of those feelings go. I guess she felt that she couldn't be that dark by comparison lol

    • Freckles are cute, but I come across a lot of people who don't like their freckles. I'd make a mytake about it, but I'd need to ask a few people with freckles about their experiences first, and unfortunately I don't know a lot of people with freckles. Only acne scars and dark spots.

  • They're all pretty girls.
    Regardless of what media and certain people say the beauty of dark skin, olive, black women is unique and incomparable :)

  • This was great, thumbs up from me :)

    • Thank you, I tried to make sure it wasn't just a one race thing because I see it happening with the darker skinned girls of all races. So I wanted to make something to help them realize how awesome their dark skin is.

    • Yeah it's great that you did that. Dark skin in all ethnicities is negatively stigmatized and looked down upon, and it's such a shame. The whole world is plagued by the 'white is right' philosophy.

    • I wish it wasn't that way, and that people could just be beautiful no matter what colour they are.

  • Really inspiring nice my take :)

  • This is beautiful. :) You just got a follower.

  • Dark skin is fucking gorgeous.

    • It makes me sick how so many girls of color have self hatred. This is why black girls rock exists on BET.

      The guys probably have the problem too.

    • I know, but it's not just with black girls but the darker skinned girls of all races that can have skin that medium-dark to a deep dark.

    • Yeah I know :s just saying

  • Women with darker skin are so much fun, I love how bubbly they are (not all darker women of course, my intention isn't to stereotype) ! They are gorgeous too :)

  • They are beautiful! Their skin is exotic and attractive to me because it's the opposite of mineβ™‘

  • I'm really jealous of my friend when it comes to makeup, since she is African and has really dark skin she can experiment with colorful eyeshadow and lipsticks and looks really good in most of them. When I do it I look like a clown lol

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