My girlfriend is having baby fever and I don't know what to do, how should I approach this? I also have another question I need help with?

So for some reason she wants to have a baby soon. we're 24 and there is 2 issues. In 3 months i will propose to her and in a years time we will be having a wedding. All of this cost money. A baby cost even more money. So i understand she is happy and her best friend had a kid but what can i do to calm her down lol? I'am starting to look for a ring and my gosh they cost a lot. I love her so much so i don't want to cheap out on a ring.

Bonus: I know nothing about rings and ladies i need your help on what ring is good.


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  • You need to tell her your concerns that is the only way, everyone is different so you have to get through to her your not ready. And the ring, take her out to look at them, some women like white gold, some like yellow, some like more little diamonds some like one big one, she only knows so its best to at least see what she likes. Thats what i think considering she already knows you will propose, so its not a surprise really, but you can still make it a romantic night.

    • well if she see's it, she will know, lol her friends keep nagging me about proposing since last year and every month it's been getting worse!!! i want it to be a surprise, but then again I don't know about rings and I don't know what she likes.

      I will talk to her about the baby thing and tell her that she has to take finances and time into consideration too.

    • well since her friends are in the picture and seem friendly, why not ask one of them to help you by looking at rings with her and seeing what she likes for fun?

    • I could ask her best friend. I been super cheap with my girlfriend this year but i want to buy her a nice ring.

      Around $2000-$2500. I have no clue if that money if for good rings or what not. i saved a lot of money but maybe her friend can explain to me lol. Or even you!!! How much does a good ring cost?

  • Your girlfriend has got to be practical.
    You both can't afford a baby.
    If she were to have one now , she'd be doing so for selfish reasons.
    She has to look at your current circumstance.
    If you both had a baby right now, you'd be struggling to make ends meet.
    Is that the life she wants to give her own child?
    She needs to think logically.
    She can wait a few years until you both have the financial means to do so.
    Part of being a great parent isn't just providing love but having a solid foundation to raise that child.

    • Bring this up to her.
      Have a mature discussion about it.

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    • Honestly , I wouldn't care if the jewelry were real or not I'm looking at the symbol of love.
      The value of a ring doesn't show how much you love someone. It is the symbolism that holds the true meaning.
      What can you afford? And is she very picky?
      Why not have her choose a ring and save up for it?

    • She truly loves me for me. I been dating her for 5 years now. Well i want to get her a nice ring. I'am a bit cheap but at the same time my money is saved up. If i bring her for the ring then it won't be a surprise right? The past year her friends been nagging me to engage her like every month. Maybe i can get one of her friends to help me out. I can get a ring around $2000. I'am not sure if that is good or not. I have been saving my money a really long time and investing it. I have been really cheap with my girlfriend i must admit. But i been like that this past year to save up for a nice ring!!!

      We used to go out for dinner every 2 weeks but we maybe go once a month. She has not changed, she stayed the same and never asked me why i'am "being cheap".

      What are your thoughts on this? should i ask her best friend for help?

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