Should I like his picture?

I had a thing with a guy a month ago. He was super into me, but a little shy. I met him through friends. They told me he liked me, and had to push him in to making the first move on me on a night out. We kissed a few times. Hung out once. Texted for 2 weeks. Out of nowhere he ignored one of my texts, and 10 days later texts back. F*ck knows what happened in those 10 days, but i thought he had lost interest. I acted completely casual and cool when he suddenly re-texted. Even though he initiated the convo, his responses were super short and made me feel like he didn't feel like talking. (I know I shouldn't read too much into guys texting habits, especially that he works and is really busy, but still..) So I cut the convo short as well, and we just never texted again. That was 2 weeks ago.
BASICALLY I have no clue what he's thinking, I know that i'm still interested, but obviously our thing is over... At first I felt super sad. But now I've come to terms with it. I'd actually want to be friends with him, not just ignore or avoid him awkwardly. We have many mutual friends and ALWAYS see each other out. Should I act completely normal when I see him?
He just put a picture on instagram, and I want to like it. Will that be weird, and he'll think i'm still obsessed with him? From my end its just a casual like..


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  • I had this problem a couple times. But I was worse got all clingy and scared him. Lol
    Well I did get to a point where I was like I'm done with this. I'm not doing it right. He either likes me or he doesn't. Guys respond to girls playing hard to get. Them not being too interested to quick. Taking longer to text back by a couple hours. When they ask you out tell them your busy that day but how about this day? (A day or two further) don't get clingy and want to be with him constantly without him initiating it for at least a month. Don't tell how perfect you think he with stars in your eyes right up front. These are healthy "games" the dating games. Guys play them as well. He's playing one right now in fact or he has no idea what he wants. He doesn't seem to like you that much but doesn't want you to lose interest because maybe he could like you. He might have a thing for someone else that he's not over. He also might not want a relationship and he knows you're the relationship type.
    Or you could this differently and just text him say "hey want to get together tonight do something?"
    I say like the picture. That's friendly. A comment is more obsessive. Liking all or a lot of his pictures seems obsessive. If you want to be friends be up from. Text him say something like. "I know you're not all that interested and I'm fine with that but I really liked your company. You're fun to hang with. Could we be adults and hangout sometimes without any weirdness." That could make you friends first and maybe he will grow feelings for you that he will act on or you are friends like you're wanting =D I know I talk a lot. Lol hope I helped some.

    • Im glad you talk a lot hahah. This was very useful. This guy just mind f*cked me so much.. But I think I will like his picture. thanks for the advice!

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