Is he ignoring me or did his phone really break?

I just have been dating a guy for a month everything has been great. On Saturday he called me and as I answered the phone disconnected. He then text me and said he will call me right back his phone is messed up. He never called back. I text him and called him but no response. I called on Sunday got his voicemail. Same on Monday. But when I tried on Tuesday I got an different voicemail " the caller is unavailable at this time try again later". I then waited a few hours and sent him an iMessage. The message immediately said Not Delivery. Then I sent it as a text message. I haven't contacted or heard from him since. I'm just confused because we both seemed very excited to start our new relationship and things just felt right between us. So I'm shocked that he hasn't respond. Please help me make sense of this. Should I give up or try and call him again? Thank you in advance.. Ps.. if it matters he has an iPhone 5 and his provider is Sprint.


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  • I would assume that there are other ways to contact you if his phone broke... Like Facebook or any other social networks you use... Email... Land line phone... Borrowing a friends phone...

    So I smell bullshit. A big pile of bullshit!

    Give it a couple of days. then either move on or go ask him in person what's up

    • There is no other way of communicating through social media or email. And if his phone did break he may not even have my number anymore... I'm just confused about the whole thing.

    • He can get your number from his phone records. He could just come to see you in person.
      there is always a way, trust me

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  • Don't assume that he's lying to you right away. If it happens 2-3 times, it's ok he might be busy or his phone might be broken. But since you tried so many times, he's probably "ghosting": disappearing suddenly.
    I agree with the others: this is bullshiz. Try one more time though, and if you get the same results, sorry but you have to move on.

  • Throw in the rag, he has Duped you, this dope. His make duck excuse do not Fly right with me.
    He is putting you on his Pay no mind list and instead of being a Man, this cowardly lion, he is sweeping you under the carpet like an ant because he is too much of a cowardly lion to tell you that he wants to Now... Disconnect from you.
    His 'Provide Sprint' should be the next in line for you as a Replacement Rebound. Reliable, dependable and the Best on the market, unlike this loser who is Number 10 on my list.
    Good luck. xx

  • His phone probably broke.

  • You should give it time and see what happnes.


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