He said we shouldn't talk anymore, but is texting me?

This guy and I have been on and off. A few months back he said he couldn't talk to me because it would disrespect his ex girlfriend (that he still likes.) because we really hate each other. I explained to him that he wasn't basically being an idiot because she never respected him and treated him like dirt. So we kept hanging out/talking. But then we had sex and a week or so later, he said we shouldn't talk anymore. His ex found out we had sex and she freaked out, and he didn't want to mess things up with her, so we dropped contact. A few days ago I dialed him while I was drunk by accident and he messaged me back the next morning. He was sending me pretty long detailed messages, which is weird for someone that doesn't wanna talk to me anymore. I ended the conversation and didn't expect to hear from him again. Then I woke up this morning to a text from him. Wtf? I even told him never to talk to me again the last time he pulled the 'we shouldn't talk' stunt. Should I just ask him what his deal is , and tell him to make up his mind or f*** off? I don't know if he realized what a tool his ex is and now thinks he made a mistake by dropping me or what.


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  • He's in love with his ex and is using you as a back up plan incase she leaves. If he doesn't think you a worth being in her company then I suggest you drop him. What if he gets back with his ex? You will be dropped again, I've seen this happen. Have some dignity and tell him to f''''k off! Don't be second option for anyone

    • Yeah I didn't text him back

    • Get rid of him from your life completely. Trust me, I was once in that position ( I was the girlfriend ). You can see it from her point of view. He will use you to get back at her because he knows it will make her jealous and maybe want him back. You deserve better

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  • What a mess? I would move on. I think you can do better than a needy boy who can't make up his mind. Why was time with someone who is clearly still clinging to his ex. If he was with you, he would have made his mind up a while back, no go back to the ex. It doesn't matter if she is a tool or not, he is with her. You should ask him what his problem is but really you drunk dial him. Just move on. What a mess?

    • drunk dialed him as in called the wrong person. he didn't even pick up, he was sleeping.

    • It doesn't matter because he is still with her. You hear people say that they will leave their SO for someone else, but years later they are still with their SO while you/another woman is older, less attractive, and wasted time on someone that never was going to change. Why are you wasting time on someone who already have someone else. They didn't leave their SO the first time, don't count your luck. Even if he did, he will go back to her...

  • ignore him let him go...you need someone better in your life and he needs to either be a man a tell his ex how he feels and tell you exactly what he feels.