Why can't I develop feelings for any guys anymore? What's wrong with me?

Hey I'm 21 and my first be was when I was 18 and I was with him for two years, I was in love with him and he broke my heart and left me and we don't talk anymore. Sometimes I still think of him but two years later I know there's no hope anymore and I want to find someone else and just have a partner again like all my friends do who I love :/ i have dated since him and I have dated roughly three people since him, they were all physically attractive, the second guy was younger than me and I did like him and he said he didn't have feelings for me after two weeks and I was upset at the time but I wasn't in love with him I was more upset because of my ego not because I actually had real feelings for him as I never even think about him anymore now? And the other two guys were nice looking aswell and one of them was really nice but I just could not feel a connection or feel any chemistry and I don't understand why so I had to be mean to the, and say look I don't like you lol :( what's wrong with me :/ will I never be able to love or develop feelings anymore. Like if a guy stops talking to me if we are talking I don't even care but when I was younger I would get really upset about it now I just don't feel nothing towards anyone :(


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  • Hahaha no, there isn't anything wrong with you. A lot of people wind up dating someone that they just aren't compatible with - that's the process of dating. You find out who you are compatible with.

    They may have been really good looking guys, but that doesn't mean that they are automatically the right type of guy for you. There is a difference between physical attraction and emotional attraction. That sort of chemistry that links people together.

    You're just going through a rough patch. You'll meet guys that you are into and love to hang around, its just that the last two guys weren't someone you actually deep down wanted to date and the guy before them seemed like he had his own agenda.


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  • Do not fight it, you and I are both aromantics. This means we cannot feel love, and trust me life is a lot better that way. We won't get emotionally hurt at all due to break ups or cheating. Isn't it amazing?

    • But I did once now I can't lol

    • It's possible to convert. Think of it as dating a guy (this is from your perspective by the way.) and then realizing you are sexually attracted to girls. You were straight once, but now you are a gay. So in this case, you were romantic once, but not anymore.

  • U dont have to release ur feelings to anyone be strong.


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