Why aren't guys interested in me? What's wrong with me?

Hey peeps. So I'm 18 and I'm not ugly or fat or anything, nor am I drop dead gorgeous. I consider myself smart (not nerdy kind of smart but smart enough. Lol. Well, I get good grades so I suppose I'm smart to an extent?), outgoing, friendly and I'm just a happy-go-lucky person. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, go clubbing (I actually dislike partying... haha) and have never done any of those things. Plus I've never kissed anyone before. LOL. People are shocked when they hear it from me and won't ever believe it because I just don't seem the type who's that innocent. I love football (soccer as you Americans call it :p), am a TOTAL adrenaline junkie, love traveling and I like artsy cultural kinds of activities.

I laugh a lot with my friends cus I'm naturally just an eternally jovial person (in public) and I dress up, wear some make up, do my hair and stuff like that so I'm not a total slob or anything.

The thing is, I've never had a guy approach me and/or start talking to me. Ever. Yes, there are some guys I see on the street (who I actually make eye contact with which is very rare. Deep down I'm a shy person) who smile at me BUT I never ever get approached. My sister gets approached really often (in car rental stores, shops, etc.) and so do my friends! For instance, there's a guy who was sitting next to my friend in class and he just started talking to her and now they're friends. I've never had that happened to me before! I do have guy friends but they remain just that - friends. And if they start talking to me it's just cause they were being friendly and just genuinely want to be friends (I know this because the guy who talks to me always end up talking to everyone else lol while the guys who talk to my sister/friend just talk to them and them only so it's obvious they're only interested in them).

However, I've never actually met a guy I'M interested in yet. Could this be the reason why there are no guys who are interested in me? But then my sisters and friends don't get the guys they like all the time as well. But they do get attention and I never do :( What's wrong with me? I'm open to all answers!
Why aren't guys interested in me? What's wrong with me?
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