Can I double text a guy?

Was speaking to a guy last night on Tinder & we was getting along very well. a lot of jokes and questions from both sides.
It got very late and he said
'I might fall asleep, pretty lady. If i do im sorry but ill speak to you tomorrow'
I replied and answered his questions and asked a couple and said no worries, we will speak tomorrow.

I haven't heard from him, even though he has been online once this morning? If i dont hear from him by tonight should i double text him? What should i say?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • omg!! this is exactly what happening with me I'm stuck between double texting or not two days ago we ended a convo and she said "I will tell u the details once I leave here"
    then disappeared although there were amazing things happening between us

    I think they want us to chase them , i won't bother texting again
    who wants me will text me and if weeks pass and they don't send me i will move on too


Most Helpful Girl

  • No, In the early stages of dating, it’s a push/pull dynamic, so if you keep trying to pull him towards you, he might start to push you away. If you have a great conversation and he doesn’t respond to something you say, then just leave it be.

    If you text him again, it may come across as a little desperate, and his response might be to ignore you even further.

    Trust me, if a guy likes you and is interested in dating you, he will pursue you and text you. But if you’re doing all the pursuing then how can you ever really be sure that he’s interested in you?

    Good luck.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, go for it. Text when you want/can text, or don't when you don't want to. Don't play those games.


What Girls Said 2

  • ... He has been online once this morning...
    He is probably whispering some more sweet somethings to Other girls he is looking and lurking for Or... Trying.
    Leave well enough alone right now. With your convo so nice with honey and spice the night before, he may even have had a tender 'Tinder' change of heart this morning, because he grew cold duck feet, feeling scared it was going too fast and there might have been a "Take me under your wing" thing and he waddled away.
    Good luck. xx

    • Still no word? I hope you found someone else to talk to. xx

    • If he really cared, he would have Started your day by Coming Onli9ne Your own way.. dating site is for all to have a ball many times. xxoo

  • I wouldn't. I know that I've told people that I would be off of a site... and I'm still there hours later. I didn't mean to lie, but something pulled me back. He might not have logged off or he might have drifted off. If you saw him being ACTIVE, then he might have been doing what I tend to do.


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