Girls, Help me decide if this is sweet or creepy?

So here's the situation: there's this girl that I've liked for a while, about a year or two now. I asked her out once but she politely declined. Some time after that she went to a different school. I've tried to get over her but i haven't really been able to. Now I've changed so much since i last saw her (taller, more calm, better style) and i know from other girls that im not ugly or anything (girls have given me around an 8/10 and say i have beautiful eyes) but recently I've been thinking about this girl more than usual. All i know about her after she got a new number is her address, so i had an idea to send flowers to her house and leave my number on the card. I would either say from me or from a secret admirer... im not sure yet. The problem with these things is that there's a thin line between really sweet and really creepy so i need your help on what you wwould think about it if it happened to you.

P. S.- were both 16 going on 17 if that helps any
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Girls, Help me decide if this is sweet or creepy?
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