Girls, Help me decide if this is sweet or creepy?

So here's the situation: there's this girl that I've liked for a while, about a year or two now. I asked her out once but she politely declined. Some time after that she went to a different school. I've tried to get over her but i haven't really been able to. Now I've changed so much since i last saw her (taller, more calm, better style) and i know from other girls that im not ugly or anything (girls have given me around an 8/10 and say i have beautiful eyes) but recently I've been thinking about this girl more than usual. All i know about her after she got a new number is her address, so i had an idea to send flowers to her house and leave my number on the card. I would either say from me or from a secret admirer... im not sure yet. The problem with these things is that there's a thin line between really sweet and really creepy so i need your help on what you wwould think about it if it happened to you.

P. S.- were both 16 going on 17 if that helps any
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  • Hmm... that's kinda hard tobdescribe because in my opinion it would be really sweet of an admirer from my old school still thought about me but on the other hand you have to remember that she did say no to dating you so she might not have been into which means there's a chance she might think it's a little stalkerish... honestly if it's still on your mind like you say it is, which doesn't usually happen, then go for it.

    • thats what im afraid of, but i really have changed, I've even asked my old friends and they say im like a completely different person. i want to get that across to her but i dont know how..

    • Well I guess you could try sending her flowers, or you could send her something else or send her a heartfelt letter or perhaps it's time to move on

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  • I think that if you played it off as a crush, and joked a bit, but then "forgot" to put your name in the card, then it wouldn't hurt, would it? Especially if she doesn't know who you are. I personally think that it would be so sweet if someone did that- but again, it's a matter of character. Hoe do you think she'd react?

    • I guess i could, but how does that help me get her to give me a second chance? then im out $20 and she's confused. What would i do after?

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    • yep people have told me that before, but thats the problem: she went to a different school and i dont have her new number.. thats how i thought of the flower thing

    • Well maybe if you ask around and see who has her number? Then just try to start texting her... Or maybe you should meet up somewhere and get her number that way? This really is a hard one...

  • Why don't you try other methods? Like contacting her on facebook (I know facebook's old but still) or something? If someone did this to me I'd be happy and curious but be wary. Or do you know what school she goes to now?

    • I actually do know where she goes, why?

  • i think its sweet!


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