When a guy asks you if you like his haircut?

Well i texted him asking "new haircut?" and he asked me "do you prefer my old hair or new hair?" He asks for my opinion, does it mean if there could be a possibility that he is interested in me?


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  • Maybe... Most likely he just wants people opinions on whether it looks good or not. He would ask girls he likes or doesn't like this question, can't determine based on one comment sorry

    • Well he started getting the haircut after he asked if me i wanted to go get some food with him. So I guess it would've been a "date" right?

    • Oh right, well if he asked you on a date then he likes you 100%, he wouldn't ask otherwise! Have fun :)

  • No! He's just trying to get an opinion on his hair.

    • He walked up in front of me all of a sudden saying hi and trying to get me to notice his new hair. He even got it right before we made plans to do something Wednesday

    • Well, maybe I guess. The only way to know is to ask.

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