Guys, Manager and coworker feelings?


My boss is 20 years old and I'm 21 years old. Ever since my boss came to my work, I had a crush on him. He has a girlfriend, but when he is near me, he doesn't talk about her. One time when I was working and had a headset on, my boss was talking to a male co-worker about his girlfriend, but he talked in a low voice to my coworker and didn't hear. I know if I'm hanging with my friend co-workers and if my boss is right near me and don't want him to hear, I talk low.

Ever since me and my boss work with each other, he looks at me and I look at him back. My boss looks me in the eyes and stands close to me. When me and my boss work with each other, we joke around, stand near each other, and when we need to get something, we don't go around, are arms only touch each other. He does teases me about this one part of my job and knows I don't like doing it. My boss ask me about my daughter. My boss had ask questions about when did I get pregnant, when I had my daughter, is her father in my daughter's life, are you in a relationship with him. My boss also asked me how I like his haircut to.

I wanna kiss him, but don't wanna get in trouble. I just want to know if my boss has feelings for me? Should I asked if he does has feelings?

Guys, Manager and coworker feelings?
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