Is it bad that me and my crush are too comfortable with each other?

In my attempts to be around her I have inadvertntly found my self as a good friend of hers and her being one of my closer female friends that I talk to.

You might say this is good but I feel like its hindering me from being able to progress my advances. I mean she knows I like obssess over the show Friends and I've tried watching Pretty Little Liars she's seen my eating habits and when I've looked my worst. We are #1 snap chat bestfriends cause she likes to snap during class. I just texted her a bunch of fire emojies to remind her to view my mixtape. (Im kinda regretting it cause she when doesn't reply quickly and it makes me worried). *only thing thats weak is we dont text much at least when I stopped hitting her up after summer

We fake push each other, tease each other and mess around. She has shared stuff about her childhood, her netflix habits, her obssesions and just being a girly girl (its cute). We talk everytime we lock eyes which is pretty much when ever there's a reason aka everyday. We share food, I take food from her and she's comfortable enough with me that I can reach up to her face and take her glasses as she's done with me before. She's always smiling and happy we got inside jokes and she turns to me in class when to show and facial expression.

UGHHHH I dont know what to do know. People observing from the outside are saying that we are all over each other yet, I still feel like just a friend. My texting game is weak.. help? (P. S. I think she's way better looking than me so...)
Is it bad that me and my crush are too comfortable with each other?
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