I hooked up with a cute guy in my class, now what?

I had a crush on this guy last semester, sometimes I would catch him staring at me, but I never thought anything of it. I also have him in a class this semester. We don't talk much because we usually sit far apart. Last Friday I was at a concert and I saw him there. We both kinda looked at eachother but just turned the other way. I spotted him a few times after that but we didn't say hi or anything. So then fast forward he is standing next to me and we start talking. He offers me some of his alcohol and I gladly accept and thought that was nice of him to do. We talked for like an hour about school and ourselves and were wrapped up in our own drunken little world. My friends were like hey it's late lets go home and he's like no come to my house and drink some more. I was super excited to be hanging out with him so I told my friends I would see them later. We get into a lyft with his friends and go back to their place for a few drinks. We talked to his friends for a little bit then they left and we went to his room and hooked up. I was pretty drunk at this point and so was he, I drink/party a lot so I don't think anything of it. He told me he's been single for a while (same) and asked me to cuddle which i thought was sweet then we fell asleep. He woke me up at like 9 and we had sober sex.. He then proceeded to tell me allll about his family and making music and stuff. He said he had a busy day ahead of him so I left around 10am. He was really sweet and adorable throughout the whole thing, unlike the last guy I hooked up with. He had texted me his number the night before and I replied when I got home like hey and he was like is everything okay? and i was like yeah. we had a bit of small talk and i didn't text him back after. anyways, i texted him last night to remind him about a midterm we have tomorrow and he said he knows and he's the one who drunkenly reminded me and then told me there's a study guide online which helped. i asked him to hang out during our class break and asked me if i was going back to class, i said yeah even though i didn't want to and i asked him if he was coming back, he said he should. i get back to class and he didn't show up at all so i texted him like hey whered u go? and he was like i got a parking ticket and got sad and left... and that was that. i think he's sweet and a cool guy, not really sure what i should do next or if i should back off?
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also he was like sorry i left you :( when he disappeared after the class break
I hooked up with a cute guy in my class, now what?
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