Hot and cold cancer man?

mew to dating after a long relationship and break up I thought I would give the online dating game a go. I got chatting to a man it was instant attraction and for the past week we chatted on the phone every day , it was really nice and we got on so well it felt like I had known him for ages !! . He asked to meet me on Saturday night and a hour before he let me down , I was ok about this but he didn't give me a explanation :/ I felt upset and a fool , I gave him a piece of my mind but we then chatted on the phone for 4 hours that night and all was forgotten and we said we would meet one day. Today he today he's gone cold on me :/ no text nothing , so I have taken it that he isn't interested in me so I'm moving on , but why message me and call me telling me he can't wait to meet me etc now nothing , I don't really believe in star signs but he's a cancer male and I'm Sagittarius female , I really liked him and felt a connection or am I just a fool? I'm a caring person happy and bubbly and now my faith in dating and men has gone :( my hopes were high or maybe it's me? I'm just silly

New not mew lol


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  • Welcome to the world of online dating. You have to go through a lot of weirdos until you finally meet someone good.

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