Why won't he answer my question?

so he ended things with me because he didn't want a relationship but we just hooked up last week and still text a lot...but then his friend started talking to me and his friend asked me to dinner! his friend said it was OK with him so I texted him and was like we need to have a talk about ur friend and he was like yea I know he's trying to hook up with you and I'm like OK and you told him it was okay? he's like well I didn't know what to say we are only friends.

so I kept saying OK so you really didn't care? that's messed up maybe we should just be friends and he's like well I didn't expect you to really hang out with him and I threatened again I was like we should just be friends cause you don't even care he's doing this and he says omg I was joking. I'm like OK well you need to tell me what you want cause its messed up he's like OK ill tell him to back off.

basically every time I asked him what his deal was he avoids answering it or if I threaten to be strictly friends he makes up some answer to keep me wondering. I sent him one last text last night telling him I NEED to know what he wants so I'm not getting messed with and that I didn't care I just needed to know and he doesn't respond.

why is he doing this? and what should I do should I just call the shots and say we are friends or just go along with w/e and not text him at all because at this point I'm so confused and mad


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  • From the sounds of things he doesn't want a relationship, he wants a f-buddy. He probably figures it's easier to string you along this way.

    I say take control and end everything.

    • I did and he never answered back. does that mean he doesn't care or that he might be thinkin about everything?

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  • it doesn't sound like he's really doing anything to make you confused, you're doing it yourself. you're using his friends interest in you as a reason to ask him questions about how he feels. clearly he doesn't want a relationship with you, and by dwelling on it, you are just making it harder on yourself. if I were you I would turn down the friend as well, you would be better off meeting a guy with no connections to this other guy.