What does "working towards a relationship" mean?

My guy friend & I confessed we liked each other recently. However I know he got out of a long-term relationship maybe 6 mos ago, and seems hesitant to get back in one. I pulled back from him b/c he said he only wanted casual dating right now.. but after awhile of no contact he came after me and said he realized he wants to date towards goal of an actual relationship. So we started dating about 3 weeks ago (he wanted to be exclusive) & it's been going well. However when I ask him if we're in a relationship he just says he wants to date for a litte more and see how it goes (we haven't known each that long), but that he has strong feelings for me and we're definitely "working towards a relationship". I'm not sure if i should trust him.. I'm a little afraid he's stringing me along and we'll just be permanently dating?
Oh and we have not had sex yet.. he said he'll wait till I'm ready :)


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  • Basically that you're taking things slow and not jumping into anything from the get go.

    • Does that sound like what he means? Or do you think he's stringing me along

    • I don't think he's stringing you along. At least so far as he hasn't said or done anything to indicate that. Keep things the way they are now, let it naturally progress. Don't forcefully slow down or hasten things. It's only been about 3 weeks, so there's no need to rush.

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  • It means to take things slow.


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  • I am unsure about this guy!!! Maybe you should ask him to explain it to you!


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