I'm in love with my fwb?

Recently I've started to notice that I have feelings for my friends with benefits and at first I thought it was just small feelings and that it wouldn't bug me much and now its been a few weeks since I thought that and im realizing I'm in love with him I think im pretty certain. I've thought about it a lot and I can't seem to get him out of my mind. We hang out all the time he's told me before that me and his ex are the only people he really cares about other then his family. He was drunk so I'm not sure if that counts? Im lost on what to do and could really use the help/advice please.



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  • Usually when people are drunk they speak the truth, maybe ask him about his thoughts on relationships even if you don't have the word "me/I" you could put it into a different perspective, and ask him why he hasn't dated anyone since his ex, and maybe he has other reasons like he's super busy and or he doesn't want commitment, then it could give you a clear sight if you guys have a potential for a relationship. Both of my long term relationships started off as hook ups and seeing each other, it helps when you don't really label it, and don't call each other friends with benefits therefor it leaves an open window.

    • You have some really good points and advice I'll start by saying that. I have met his ex before and all he and her are friends and she's moved on and living with her new boyfriend for a long time now (I believe its been a few years) He told me that she really hurt him because they lived together and when she left it really impacted him. He says he's good now but who knows for sure. Your right tho I need to ask him why he hasn't been in a relationship since her I personly think he's afraid of being hurt like that again but could be wrong I am going to try what you said and see how it goes thank you your advice is really helpful :) and this is true the truth does have a way of coming out when drunk.

    • No problem! It doesn't hurt to ask and it doesn't make it seem like you're prying, since you guys hang out with each other a lot as did I with me and my former "fwb" I found that I could realistically ask him anything and he would be an open book.

    • Yeah he always gives me honest answers whenever I ask questions and true I guess
      That's a good way to ask

  • Tell him your feelings. And if you have feelings for him it may be best to end the friends with benefits arrangement, feelings make it harder.

    • True I'll talk to him and see what happens thanks :)

    • You're welcome! :)

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