I’m in love with my FWB?

Hi all 👋
I’m really not sure what to do. I have started falling for my friends with benefits. I originally didn’t want a relationship (like him) but the inevitable happened and I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him! The thing is, he’s been acting a bit funny towards me. On Snapchat he only saves messages that make me look bad for example- He got mad at me cause I said stop ignoring me and he saved the message where he was mad, he also saved a message last night where he was mad at me because I sent him a message after he said he was going to sleep, the message he saved was one of him “giving me a row” why is he saving messages to make me look bad? Why has he all of a sudden got a short temper and he’s ignoring me more now? He used to actually message me and spend time with me, now I’m lucky if he even says three things after sex- he’s normally out the door. I have decided to walk away from the situation but it would be nice to hear some views regarding his weird behaviour if anyone can shed some light?


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  • He might have sensed you were falling for him and started acting this way to deter the behavior


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  • If I were you stop talking to him shut him out of you’re life before he does!

    • I have. I’m not asking what I should do, I’m asking for opinions on why he is behaving like I have explained above

    • He just used you for one thing only

  • Oh for fuck sake. He's FWB! Find someone who cares!

  • You didn't stay in your lane and neither did he. To make a friends with benefits work properly you need to establish clear rules. Hanging out, texting outside of meeting up, etc is psuedo dating. If you both stuck clearly to your roles it would have been fine. But seems like he has feelings for you as well outside of friends with benefits and I dont think they're positive ones. He doesn't like you in my opinion. Everything you currently do irritates him. You already left but thats what I would have recommended. All my opinion though.

    • Why did i irritate him tho? I literally only ever message him to ask if he can come over

    • I don't want to be rude but it is what it is, he is sick of you. At this point everything you do bothers him. I've been there as well. She didn't do anything to me but i was super irritated with her. Her text bothered me. Her phone calls bothered me. Her in my space bothered me. It has run its course with him. It could all fade away and he could like you again. I could also be wrong. But i dont think i am. He currently can't stand you and anything you do will bother him at this point in my opinion.

    • I needed to hear this. Thank you so much for your opinion, I think your right. Thank you

  • i hate girls like you that falls for friends with benefits and he's dumb for not telling from start no love feelings.
    my ex friends with benefits was like you she fell in love with me even tho i told her no love feelings here, i never understand girls brain

    • READ THE DAMN QUESTION! I’m not asking what to do, I’m asking opinions on WHY he is behaving like that

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    • then , learn how to write proper text.

    • Maybe you should turn gay if you hate women that fall in love there is nothing wrong with that men fall in love to with friends with benefits as well

  • This question gets posted everyday in some way or form
    “I’m in love with my friends with benefits what should I do?” What do you want to do? Seriously life isn’t hard

    • If you actually read the question you will see what I am asking.

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