Is being blunt with a girl a bad idea?

So long story short me and this girl have known each other since we were like 3rd grade. We are now 19. Been amazing friends our whole life. And of course senior year of high school. She told me why haven't we tried being more than friends. We get along so well. And I didn't feel the same way. So. We went from kinda dating and really close. Back to just friends. Now that she's down at college it's really kicking in how much I miss her, and how perfect she truly is. We don't talk everyday like we used to. She used to always initiate conversations and want to hang out and I know she's lost interest I can feel it. When we talk still she always seems excited to hear from me. And calls me amazing and tells me how grateful she is for me blah blah. So we are still good friends. I just want to get as close as we were. Is asking her why she doesn't text me anymore a bad thing? Is telling her how I feel a bad thing? I feel like I just need to go for it cause I have nothing to lose. I just don't know if saying "Hey _____ How come you don't text me anymore!" Is a bad idea. What do u think. please help lol
Is being blunt with a girl a bad idea?
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