Girls, Would you date/marry a 28-year-old virgin dishwasher who loves what he does, despite his job title, is paid well and manages his finances well?

The dishwasher has a secure job at a big institution and is well-paid and has perfect manners, is a tad shy at times, keeps to himself but is extremely handsome, tall, skinny and muscular. He is loved by his coworkers but isn't really a friend to any of them out of work. He doesn't have any true friends but always wanted to find a girlfriend to share his life with. He stayed under the radar for much of his life, avoiding advances from females despite his true desires. He managed to buy a house, and a brand new truck on a salary of 20k. His net worth is approx. 55k and accrues 20k net worth on average each year. He will always be a dishwasher where he's at because he absolutely loves it to the core. He will never be wealthy but, together, you won't struggle. Would you date him and marry him some day?

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  • The only thing off-putting here is virgin at 28.

    If that's because he was religious until then, and is just now having a crisis of faith? Okay, I'll take it.
    If it's because he's a "true love waits" type? Nope. Prima facie incompatible, with this girl. I never even did first dates, without an "audition".

    Financial responsibility is sexy. I win more than enough bread for 2 people already, so, his wages are irrelevant.

    This whole scenario is pretty reasonable, by the way, in Las Vegas, where the hospitality industry union reigns supreme. You can TOTALLY make a living wage and buy a house in Vegas as a bartender or dishwasher or waiter or what have you. At least you could 7-8 years ago.

    • What if he told you he was a virgin and you asked "why" and he said "because I've been addicted to porn since I was 12 and it has conditioned me to avoid the real thing. But now that I quit porn I can't stop thinking about women, about you. I want to do this. I want to do you. More than anything. I am ready. As long as you'll let me."

      Would a scenario like that make it OK for you with the virgin?

    • Tbh? The "let me" part just dynamited that whole thing.
      nope. Just can't.

      Mah soul is 100% submissive. Anything redolent of begging, or anything that makes me feel like I'm playing mommy? Nope lights off school's out go home y'all.

      Also, depends what kind of porn. Anything with femdom/male submission/male on male? Nope. Can't.
      Anything else? I'd rather watch it with him, to try to transform it away from some shameful thing he feels the need to hide, into something he can share.

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  • Yes!! I don't care what your job is as long as you love and enjoy whatever it is that you do. I am married but all the guys I dated were virgins, I was always attracted to that as long as they aren't bitter about it. Bitterness is gross. If your insecure I'd hide it the first couple times until your more intimate and then it slowly come to the surface so she can tackle one issue you at a time.

  • Yes he sounds like a good guy

  • Not a lot of people enjoy their jobs. I think a person who loves what they do despite the pay is one of kind because they are true to themselves more than someone who hates what they do but do it for the pay. It says a lot about their character.

  • If I get along with him and I'm attracted to him.

  • Yeah, if he's happy with his choices and has a positive attitude towards life that makes him attractive to me. I'd date him if we got along.

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