Girls, GIRLS/LADIES: How many of you would HONESTLY date/marry a disabled guy (22)?

I have a PHYSICAL disability only, (Cerebral palsy), my balance is affected to the greatest extent, therefore I use a walking aid, ("K Walker"), constantly as I'm unable to balance unsupported. i. e. without the use of the walking aid. I live an active an independent life, and do NOT require assistance with personal hygiene etc. Currently completing the final year, (10 weeks remaining at this stage), of my undergraduate college degree. I have attended social events throughout college. At a recent ("Dinner Dance"-Dinner, followed by music, band & disco), organised by the college class representatives, I noted yet again, the majority of classmates,(most of whom are the same age as myself, 22), were accompanied by girlfriends/partners. After the event I began to reflect, ("ponder"), as to the likelihood of meeting a girl whom, (as cliched as it sounds), has the capacity to "see beyond" the physical disability. While I meet girls regularly during social events/at college, (none as yet 4 years later), have expressed even possible interest in dating. (Although a number of girls have approached/initiated the conversation at a nightclub at various stages. Therefore I believe (hope), there is potential in the future, although any efforts I have made to progress, from an initial meeting, have been characterized, by "gentle rejection", the main reason for which I believe concerns uncertainty as how to approach the situation, (concerns regarding future possible "parent-hood" for example, (which is NOT an issue by the way), but the general perception appears to the contrary unfortunately. Among additional reasons of course, including my "slower" walking speed, and the "practicalities" of constantly using the walking aid, not very "enticing" for any young woman seeking a boyfriend/potential future husband, with the most convenient option being to avoid the situation.. All opinions welcome!!!
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If a girl replies to your message, but does not initiate the conversation/text first, = not interested? OR?
Girls, GIRLS/LADIES: How many of you would HONESTLY date/marry a disabled guy (22)?
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