What's your opinion on plus size models/girls?

I'm wondering because the other day in class the topic came up and I was seriously surprised how many guys had confessed that they thought plus size girls were gorgeous... but if they are so gorgeous then why won't they date them I have noticed that a lot of them a very pretty and single :(


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  • They are saying that to make themselves look like good guys so that you will like them

    God I hate that.

    What a bunch of supplicating losers.

    Yeah I like fat chicks too, there hot.

    Do you like me now?



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  • guys love a girl with meat on her bones.. more thin models are dateless than plus size models..

  • big girls often lack confidence. all the big girls I know do very well.


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  • i think it depends how plus size.

    i think a lot of guys would have no problem dating a plus size model. but those women are not that big

    a girl that's like a size 20+ and is like pushing 240 will be less attractive so a guy would be less likely to date her. also he might get made fun of by his friends for dating a fat chick.

    if they want to have a better shot at dating they just need to lose the weight. guys will give lip service to sound good but most guys don't like really fat girls and if they do go for them they are either just settling or using them