When a girl says "ha ha" a lot in a text, what does that mean?

I know of course it means she's laughing, but what else does it mean?


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  • Well , basically means get a clue! she wamts yuu to kno that she either likes you or your funny to her .


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  • Translation:

    a) that was funny, but I used lol too much

    b) that was funny, but I'm original and am not using lol

    c) that was sincerely funny and I am laughing, so I will use the uncommon "haha"

    d) I have nothing else of value to contribute to this conversation

    e) I'm tired of having a convo with you over text right now, lets just let it fizzle out and I'll see you later ( This is only true if she says haha and you actually have to THINK about what to say next. So many times I text and I get haha back and if I actually take more than a commerical break to think of something to say back then the conversation has died, and she probably wants to talk or do something else without worry about responding to your message.)

    • I will summarize the point your making:

      A) I'm nervous...

      B) I'm trying not to be ervous...

      C) I'm having a great time and laughing...

      D) I want you to provide something else to talk about

      For your answer of "e" it's basically spot on, and offers great insight.

    • Well, I know this is the internet so maybe it's hard to tell and I haven't mastered it, but my entire answer is sarcastic...although there is truth in there. My whole point was to summarize and boil down my answer in to genuine answers because...ITS A TEXT. Stop analyzing a text. a-e do have some truth to them, but it's a complete satire of text/celluar culture. I wasn't being serious. I just want him to understand how simple the answers are, therefore you have nothing to worry about.

  • Texting isn't something that you should go by. It's when your actually talking to the girl is when you get all of the signs. "haha" doesn't always mean anything.

    • Yes!!! this over analyzing of text messages is driving m nuts

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    • And I got all of that out of the parts of his sentence, the exclamation provides excitement that you're answer was brief and to the point- "haha doesn't always mean anything"; and the part about "over" when he states "over-analyzing", shows that he thinks the situation is done too often (hence "over analyzing")...

    • Well put. (I added the period to make up for my f*** ups)

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  • She has nothing else to say to your comment, in which case she is sending a direct comment for you to either shut up or bring something interesting to conversation. I usually avoid the terminology of them telling you to shut up, because most men take it out of context.

    If she is laughing tremendously at a good joke, great..! But don't ruin that by killing your punch line. Watch some comedy and research "Banter" and "flirting"; after you understand what they are, learn how to use them EFFECTIVELY in your communications with women.

    - All too often people kill a punch line by providing unnecessary information, or by overusing the same "banter line" (flirtatious comment)..

    This is the number one way to make a woman lose interest in you. If she is already pulling away, don't ruin it further by feeding her stupid sentences that make no sense. Here's two examples:


    You: You want me to send you a picture? Probably of my ass being as it's "cute" huh?

    Her: Haha, nice.

    You: Well if I send you a picture, I should get something in return. Don't you think?

    Her: Maybe, we'll see.

    You: Ha, okay. Well if you want that picture, I want you to wear those cute jeans that compliment your eyes, the ones from the mall... And then we'll go to lunch at 7pm tomarrow.

    Her: Haha okay

    You: What? Whoa, that was too easy... Somebody likesssssssss meeee

    Her: Haha whatever, I'll talk to you tomarrow

    *end convo*


    You: You want me to send you a picture? Probably of my ass being as it's "cute" huh?

    Her: Haha, nice.

    You: I know right? probably not as cute as my ass

    Her: Lol yeah...

    You: Hey I sent the picture, did you get it?

    Her: Yeah

    You: Is it a good angle of my firm, smooth, ass?

    *15 minutes no response*

    You: *Resend old text* Is it a good angle of my firm, smooth, ass?

    *A few days later in the newspaper: Man pressed with charges of harassment due to pictures of his ass*

    So as you can see, the first example is playful and fun with escalation. The second, not so much... The only escalation he will see, isn't as hopefully as he thought and instead of a lady, it's a dude.

    Have fun and live life~


    • Ahaha nice example ArtistBBoy.

      You hit the nail on the head; this is what "haha" means 99% of the time. I see "haha" as a challenge.

  • I suppose she could be possessed of an upbeat sense of humor, but, then again, she may just be a giggling idiot. Tough call.

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