Drunk texted/snapchatted my ex last night what do I do?

So last night I was the drunkest I've been in over a year. (I really don't drink that often so it doesn't take much) but anyways I started snap chatting my ex, basically it started with an innocent mass snap, and then he responded and we kept talking.

Anyways I never sent any racy pics or anything. Basically I just brought up last year and how things ended and why he just ignored me when we went to our separate homes for the summer. His reasoning was "idk I was scared, it was a long time ago" (not like of me, but of the whole relationship idea) I also sent him texts of the last texts he sent bc he said he didn't rememeber...

I'm just trying to recover RN bc I have a boyfriend. We started dating at the end of the summer (so almost 8 months) and I think I sent those texts/ snapchats bc I see this guy around all the time (we're very similar majors) and I want to clear the air and maybe be friends.

Right now I have a text that says: "Hi, so sorry for bugging you last night... That was the first time I've been that drunk in over a year lolz. "

I know now a lot of you might say don't even text him. But I do want to just clear the air if anything.
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TL/DR: I snapchatted and texted my ex and want to know how to recover the next day
Drunk texted/snapchatted my ex last night what do I do?
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