My ex texted me at midnight?

My ex and I broke up about almost 2 months now, it's been very hard because we were great together, he was attentive, loving and it was a very passionate relationship. Our break up was a mutual decision, (we are very young early 20's) he wanted to party and have fun with his friends (drinking, smoking), on the other side I don't like that kind of guy. So I broke up with him first telling him I couldn't stand that attitude and he agreed and told me he needed time with his friends.

Three days after our break up he texted me, I didn't answered. He was very attentive to my snapchat stories (he was the first to see them, all of them) after I posted a snap in a party, I think he got upset and deleted me, that happened about a month after we broke up. I asked him for my stuff two weeks after we broke up, he told me he was going to leave the stuff in my house, A week after he told me that, he texted me again apologizing for not leaving my stuff, that he was busy. This Monday I texted him again, telling him that if he couldn't bring me my stuff, I could go and pick them, he immediately told me that he was going to my house, (didn't saw him).

Now, yesterday at midnight he texted me. He asked me what was I doing, I replied that I was heading to my house (I was coming from a party with my friends), and that If he knew a drive through restaurant that was open (I was hungry lol), He told me he didn't knew and asked me where was I planning to eat, I told him that Tacobell, later I told him that I was going to make myself a sandwich. He replied 1 hour later telling me that he ran out of battery and that I could have gone to his house to make the sandwiches.

Do you think he misses me? is this a booty call?
My ex texted me at midnight?
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