My Girlfriend Cheated on me with her Ex after 3 Months... Should I forgive her?

I've been dating this girl for about 3 months now and she cheated on me with her ex. I honestly don't know what to do. We hit it off just great when we met, but something went wrong when she got in contact with her ex. I feel like she doesn't even respect me or cherish how much I care about her. She started lying to me when she went out to see him. Made up silly excuses and completely changed. She used to call me all the time, but this last week she hasn't. I called and texted her to just chat and to see if everything was okay. One night I called and she was out with her friends around midnight.. (which was a lie) She was actually out with her ex and his friends. I confronted her about this and she told me she just wanted to know if she still has feelings for him. WTF.. =(

Days went by and I received less calls and "less" affection when/if I was around her. I found out that she has been seeing her ex and keeping in contact with him more. It seemed like he was trying to get her to go through memory lane and try to recindle their past. (While she was with me?) He knew I was with her and I have seen him before to. All she told me was that she wanted to be friends with him.. and I accepted the fact that she just wanted to be "friends" with him, but oh boy was I wrong.

It turns out that she has been telling him that she loves him and that he loves her as well. I was already shocked and devastated weeks before, that she told me that she doesn't love me... She told me not to worry that nothing will happen that I could trust her.. (Bull Monkey Shxt)It turns out that he has been going to her house and she has been sneaking out to go out with him.

One night we had a fight and I asked her if it's either me or him. She answered with "I don't know still thinking"... That same very night she called me and confessed that she had sex with him... I was so shocked that I don't even remember if she even said sorry... All I remember was my heart screaming and that she thought I was going to leave cause I confronted her about lying to me and seeing him.. I know I should have left her, but I didn't... After I pretty much showed her all the built of aggression over the week... (just vented I'm not violent.. yet I wanna kick the ex's ass) She replied.. and told me that it broke. Right at that instant.. I didn't care how mad I was... I was more concerned about her well being... I'm helping her through it, the ex even wants to help... but she told him GoodBye and that she chooses me... But as of now I'm really confused.. I really don't know how I feel and where my heart is at..

My girlfriend cheated on me and I don't even know if she even cared how I'd feel when she did this infidelity. I know the details, and rather not write them all out.. All that matters is that she cheated on me and she was going to leave me.. I know my head and my friends are telling me to leave her she doesn't deserve you.. She has been trying to win me back..

What should I do?
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I just don't know what to do... I know my head is telling me to leave her... but I'm pretty much attached to her and trying to find the strength to do the right thing... Is leaving her the right thing... or Can her and I really work this out..
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She has told me that she has cut-off contact with him and that she is not talking to him at all..The only thing is she still has his stuff around, but promises me that she will put them away when she has the time. Is this light of hope. or something else.
My Girlfriend Cheated on me with her Ex after 3 Months... Should I forgive her?
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