I think my ex ruined me....

Ok, so this is who I was 1 Year ago

Happy, confident, popular, fun loving, good looking guy

Awesome paying Job

Huge social circle and a lot of respect from everyone

My own place, car, truck, atv, nice clothes, money to burn

Then I started dating my best friend. It was great at first. Amazing chemistry, never fought, all the trust. Felt like true love. Then I lost my license. I tell my girlfriend I'm going to be going up and doing work in a work camp for 2 weeks at a time, with one week off. (6600$ Paycheque each 2 weeks). Girlfriend doesn't like that idea. Begs me not to go. I dont. I spend the night at the girlfriends house a couple of times. Girlfriends dad tells me he has gotten me a job with him, and I was going to be staying with them until I get my license back (5.5Months). Move stuff out of my own place, slightly bad feeling about it but thought I'm dating my best friend, her family loves me. What could go wrong? I work with her dad a month or so, girlfriend is slowly getting more and more jealous, and controlling. Starts texting me at work, and pretty much has to be with me all the time when I'm not at work. Starts questioning every bit of time I spend away from her. Girlfriend is stuck to me like glue at parties and get togethers, but as my friends told me, was always watching me to see if I was looking at girls? I start getting worn down.

After 3 months, girlfriend has begun going through my phone, checking my facebook, having her girlfriends watch me when I'm not at home. (Never cheated in my life and all my time was spent WITH HER). I started having less and less of a social life to avoid fights. Figuring it will get better in time (Dumb ass).

1 More month and she has begun telling me to tell and girl that is friendly or tries to talk to me to "Fuck off" or she would. I tell her I'm not a d***, I'm not going to flirt with other girls but I'm not going to be an asshole for no reason either. That caused massive fight.

1 Month after that there is a big party she wants me to go to. I don't want to go because there are old female friends there who would want to talk to me which would cause a fight (odd mentality I had developed eh?) I ask her If she just wants to take my truck and go with her friends, and that I would see her later in the night. She freaks out and guilt trips me into coming. I get there, sure enough there's old female friends that come and talk. Girlfriend gets angry. We wind up getting into a fight. I leave. Id had it. I was tired of getting sh*t for nothing. Tired of being on a leash. I call a break.

I go to my friends place and start working out religiously, and get a line on the job I was going to do months ago.

Girlfriend gets into coke, spreads rumors about me to the whole town (cheater, a liar, Gay, Drug user). And hooks up with a bunch of my friends, and finds any girls that might have interest in me and tells them lies about me, and basically started hating me with a passion.

I don't feel anything like myself. FML


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What Girls Said 1

  • At least you know now what married life would be like if you stayed together. Think about the positives of your situation. This is a lesson learned. However, I have to say that this is your side of the story. It could be that maybe you didn't contact her enough in this relationship. Maybe, someone told her that you had a past infidelity that caused her to worry. I always believe that you don't know the whole story unless you were physically there. Please take the high road and do not begin to start rumors about her.

    Then again, maybe she really is an annoying bitch. In that case, you're lucky to be rid of her.

    • She had a bad reputation for drama, and none of her exes are on talking terms. Red flag I ignored.

What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds a little like my ex-wife. The "gift" that keeps on giving.

    She hasn't ruined you but you seem a bit easily controlled. You need to regain control of your identity. I strongly suggest you disappear in plain sight. Sever all connections with anyone within her web and do not give anyone except those you trust contact information. Move an hour's drive away to a place you have not talked about and find work accessible by public transportation or buy yourself as 49cc motorbike that does not require a license.

    Do not try to understand anything that has happened. Don't try to work it out in your mind. Disconnect from it like the bad dream it was. Later on, try a little self examination on how this happened.


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