How to respond to a guy's playful teasing without being thought of as interested?

It's now become a pretty much overwhelming problem for me.
If a guy (not particularly one) playfully teases me and I do the same back, he thinks I'm interested and/or flirting (even if I'm not that much). If I just pretend I didn't hear that, he would either think I didn't mean it or that I'm rude, which is true in this case. If I look at him with a poker face or something like this, he gets kind of upset.

So I'm really confused. What can I do here? ☹️


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  • 1. Well most times around your age a guy teases you cause he is / maybe interested and if you reciprocate it's a form of go ahead to him :)
    2. If you aren't interested then for all heck may care let him think you are rude
    3. If everyone getting upset is going to bother you, young lady then at some point in time you'll wind up being the person that's upset AND accused of leading on - know this :)
    4. Better be the bitch than Ms. goody two shoes :)


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