Do you think slow replies indicate lack of interest?

In terms of the dating world... I have signed up for a new app. I have spoken to 3 guys so far...

Guy number 1: I sent him a like first and the next day he reciprocated with a message. He took forever to reply to my messages. He would apologise a lot and say it's because of work. I let it slide, we exchanged numbers after a while and the same thing happened. He would take forever or ignore my messages and blame his phone. I cut him off, he still tried to get in contact shortly after.

Guy number 2: He sent a like first and messaged me. I recognised him from my high school and surprisingly he knew who I was too. I added him on Facebook (we have mutual friends). The conversation flowed throughout the day until he said good night and he'd talk to me the next day. He didn't follow up but I didn't hold it against him since we barely know each other like that. We haven't spoken since (only been two days).

Guy number three: I sent a like, he did the same and messaged me. We have only exchanged like three messages between us. He apologised and said he didn't use the app that much, he still continued the conversation. I feel like he is going to turn out like the first guy tbh. In my eyes I thought if someone was interested they would make the effort? Or do I need to give it more time to figure the person out?
Do you think slow replies indicate lack of interest?
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