How to tell my boyfriend I can't see him this weekend?

We're in a long distance relationship and the plan was for me to drive a few hours to see him. The thing is, is that I'm sick (fever and coughing), I'd like to reschedule but he'll probably be mad. Last time when he was in town I asked to reschedule because I had to study and he went on and on about how I'm bailing and that I don't want to see him, how I wasted his time. I ended up going but heard about it for days. I do want to see him but I feel so sick and I'm constantly coughing. What's the best way of telling him I want to but I don't feel good enough to go this weekend?


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  • Be Straight and with Being an Honest Jane, he either Accepts your Not lame Excuse for Being 'I feel so sick and I'm constantly coughing,' or he has a Big World to Get over in.
    He sounds like he is Not going to be any Better Sore Sport than He was, Maybe even Worse, Before with what Happened. And as Someone who is Experienced in LDR, believe me, I know how this is with 'Someone' who you are Behind the Computer Curtain with, They are Not Trusting of a lot you Say Today. You will always be Told "I don't believe anything you say."
    Reconsider this Joe from Idaho if he throws a Hissy Fit. You probably would be Better Off when you Get 'Better' to Look Elsewhere to Share.
    Good luck. xx

    • *Get well soon, sweetie. xx

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    • @Ishtar thank you, sis. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Tell him how ill you are , so you can't travel. Then add that he's welcome to travel to you though. That way he'll know you aren't making excuses.

    To be honest if somone lets me down twice I assume they feel indifferent towards me. So to prevent him assuming that, put the ball back in his court by telling him he can visit you this time. Even if he can't, he'll still know you are genuine and not just making excuses not to see him

    • We were living in town for 7 months and saw each other often. That's what I'm worried about because it was only once that I asked him to reschedule and he got mad. I know there's no chance he'll visit me because it would be too expensive for him

    • Even if it's not possible for him to visit you I'd still
      off her the chance. That way he'll know yiubare genuine

  • Just be honest, and if he feels his needs aren't being me then he won't stay in that relationship, but you shouldn't lie just because it's inconvenient.

    • I'm not lying I really am sick

    • I'm saying in general, just tell him that yeah, unfortunately you're sick, instead of maybe something more elaborate to cancel the plans again.

  • Video call him so he'll see you coughing etc and is more likely to believe you. Then make it up for him next week.

  • Just tell him

    • Whats so bad about telling the truth

    • In case he says I'm lying and will probably make me feel bad. I'll see if he's okay with me bussing instead

    • If you can't do it you can't do it. Stabd your ground but dont make false promises by saying things quickly to please him

  • Giiiiiiirl... long distance relationship and you skip weekends like that? do you even wanna be with him?

    • I do want to be with him. It's just I have a high fever and can't swallow my throat is on fire. If I go hiking or whatnot I'll get worse. And it's a 6 hour drive :( I couldn't even sleep all night I kept waking up.