What to do with a boyfriend that goes AWOL (silent treatment)?

Hi, I would love the guys' perspective on this, since this is a common problem I've dealt in past relationships and it had always turned ugly.

I met a great guy and we've been dating for a month, texting almost everyday and going out 2-3 times a week. Recently after a couple of days of silence (which was unusual), he texted, "sorry. life is getting crazy and I tend to shut down when this happens." This sounded scary to me, but I had let him know that I'm available for support. I'd figured he needed some space. It's been over 4 days and I'm starting to worry. He used to at least send me a "good morning!" text.

Sadly I don't have many friends I can occupy myself with, and I'm in a new city so I really know nobody. I'm unemployed so I can't even keep busy with work (just job hunting, which is depressing enough).

Should I keep waiting for this guy? If I do, how long is acceptable?


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  • No don't wait. Get on with your life

  • He is trying to get your attention. If you want a quick fix? The best thing to do is confront the behavior with discussion of the original issue.