When I first met him I thought he was ugly, and now I can't stop thinking about him. Has this ever happened to you?

I worked with this guy for the past year, but we never met in person because we both work in different offices. We always chat on Skype so I saw his photo and I always thought he was ugly (mean, I know, but just that's what I thought).

Then when I finally met him in person a couple months ago, again the first time I looked at him I did not think he was cute at all. We had a short conversation because we were both really busy, we didn't get to talk much or hang out. But then a couple days later I found myself falling super hard for him and now I can't stop thinking about him. I literally only saw him for 2 days and we barely worked together. There was just one weird moment where he caught my eye and I was kind of staring at him and he stared back at me and that was weird and lasted maybe 5 seconds.

How could that happen?

Has that ever happened to you before?


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  • Well I'm glad you realized that looks doesn't matter. I'm so tired of women judging a guy for looks and looks only as they do today. Looks fade get to know him it sounds like he has a good personality

    • Thanks but I'm super scared to hit on him since we work together. I get intimated and worry he might not be interested and don't want to make a fool of myself...

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  • Happened in high school, this new kid looked like a rapist to me I don't know why. He had interesting eyes later that I ended up layer liking... at first he was so disrespectful so I guess that's why I didn't like him but the next year I was so checking for the guy

    We actually got along well but he had a girlfriend and later broke up but by then I wasn't trying to be rebound


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  • Didn't happen to me. i am too young maybe


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  • sometimes a good persnality can make someone super attractive. its perfectly normal :)
    ur not as shallow as you thought u were.
    its happened to me before. i fell madly in love.

    • did you end up dating?

      but the thing is we didn't really talk much... so I didn't even get to know him.. which is why I"m really confused.

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    • me too!!!
      good luck :)

    • haha thanks :)

  • Yep. That has happened to me. I feel like sometimes its not that they're ugly, its that you don't give that person a chance, like their whole vibe changes the way you see them, and you end up being really attracted to them.

    • that's true, maybe he actually wasn't but I was being judgmental :)

    • Yeah it definitely is your judgement. Don't let your ego come in the way, you could be missing out on someone really great.

    • I know, thanks! :)