Girls, have you ever liked an ugly guy?

I have a crush on a very ugly guy, for the very first time in my life. I'm not trying to sound mean, just realistic, his face is really bellow average. He has big ears, acne, very thin and small lips, big eyes and yellow teeth. But he is handsome and smart and funny and very, very kind! He is everything I want in a man (aside from face). I started crushing on him out of the blue, he didn't even do anything (I was pretty much invisible to him). So much that I had to make a first move and ask him out! He said yes and we have a date tonight. :) I am so excited and sexually attracted as well, I kinda wish we kiss and cuddle tonight. But I can't help wondering if his bad teeth will put me off... I never kissed an ugly before, every guy I kissed in the past had a pretty face and nice lips and good teeth. What do you think?
Girls, have you ever liked an ugly guy?
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