How do I act around a girl that I like who has a boyfriend?

I asked this before, but never got any answers so I'll try again...

So last week, I started college and got arranged with my classmates who I will be working with for a year. Everyone here is nice so far, but there is one girl in particular who I have my eye on. She's 19 and I'm 18, and I find her really gorgeous. I haven't spoken to her much yet, but so far when we have spoken during class she's been very nice to me and seems to like my company. I'm very willing to get to know her more, especially since we'll be working together in class for a year from now!

After my third day of college, she added me on Facebook and so then I accepted her friend request. I then decided to take a look at her profile, and suddenly I then felt like I had been shot in the chest... Her profile appeared to show that she has a boyfriend, possibly been going out for more than a year.

She has many photos taken with this particular guy, although they aren't kissing or anything like that, they're just standing with each other. She's does however have a prom picture with him as well that was taken two years ago. Her relationship status says she is 'single', and when I checked her possible boyfriend's profile it says he is 'single' too. However, he does have a profile picture of him standing with her. (Again not kissing or anything)

Anyway, for now I am just going to safely assume she has a boyfriend to prevent myself from getting false hope and getting another sting in the chest. I don't know what to do or how to act around her now. If my suspicions of her having a boyfriend are correct, then it's not gonna be easy for me to 'just move on' considering I will be in her class for a whole year. So I am just wondering what do I do? What should I do when I'm around her and how do I cope with my feelings?


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  • 1. Logically speaking you shouldn't keep any contact with a girl who already has a boyfriend, it is never a suggested option.

    2. However if you decide to keep contact with her then you should be very uptight, very clear and straightforward in your words when you speak with her. I mean it should never indicate or give her an idea/impression that you are trying to flirt with her. There is nothing wrong if you be friendly but never try to be over friendly or overly nice with her. That possible can make her think that you may like her even though it may not be true.

    3. You should talk to her only if she initiates the conversation first or if she needs you help regarding something otherwise you should refrain from talking to her as much as possible.

    4. Never hang out with her alone. I mean never do it, even if she invites you for that still you should refuse because that is a total sign of disrespect towards her boyfriend and so if she invites you hang out with her alone you should outright deny it. Never support her in this action.

    These are the few things you should do if a girl already has a boyfriend.

  • Well, first off ur really only guessing about her boyfriend. U could be wrong, maybe not a bad idea to check with her.
    As for coping if she's taken the best I can do is suggest u go find another one. Can't really help there...