Friendzoning a player but want him back?

Me and this guy were getting on really well and were with each other 24/7 for a week sleeping next to each other and everything (but we didn't have sex) and then I found out he's a massive player and told people he was going to end things with me. So I did it first sending a message saying we should just be friends because I don't find him attractive (he has a MASSIVE ego, thinks he's really hot and at most he's an 8/10). He replied saying he's glad I want to be friends and stuff but I still really like him. I've seen him around school a few times but we haven't said anything to each other, he smiled at me once but that's about it. We have a school party coming him soon and i've heard he wants to kiss as many girls there as possible (he thinks he can get 30). I know for a fact I'm a lot more attractive than some of the girls he's going to go for (I'm not vain at all but these girls aren't even nice or good looking). Anyone got any tips on how to get his attention back to me? His best friend has been messaging me and stuff also. And please don't say like oh just get over him he's a player like I know he is but I just want some tips as there are no other guys I like in my area and I have nothing to loose, thank you


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  • Just do him and get him out of your system!
    But what do I know, that's just my opinion.

    • hahahaa i'm actually considerng that

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    • As long as he understands how special a gift that is for someone to offer and makes it special for you then go at it. Then let us men (big boys) have a go and actually teach you how it's suppose to be done ;) lol

    • hahahaa I like your advice 😂 tbh i think he's lying about loosing his virginity 😂 yeah i should be dating someone older than me but everyone's at uni or college and im so attracted to him I don't know why it's so annoying

  • Use your charm


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  • Have you ever dated a player before? If you have i dont think youd be willing to settle for this one. Even if his attention got back to you he would still be trying to kiss several girls, and youd want him to only pay attention to you. However, thats not going to happen. So, i guess if you really want his attention just show up in a low cut shirt, short shorts and throw yourself at him and there you go.

    • we've had a bunch of new girls at our school which is why i think he wants to get with them bc fresh meat and all that, is there nothing i can do at all to change his mind?

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    • As long as he is aware of that and is willing to make it a memorable evening and make it special for you than who cares. Some guys if aware, do realize the privilege and honour being given to them and how special a gift it is to be given a woman's virginity. my worry is what comes after. I will never again take a woman's virginity unless I know for a fact that I can and will stay with her because every time I have taken a womans virginity they have fallen head over heels for me. Even worse than they were before, no matter what the agreement was. I just can't do that anymore. But if you think you could do it then walk away and never have him talk to you again then by all means go ahead. If you doubt for even a second that you could just walk away after than don't do it, wait and find a guy that you will be more to than just bragging rights.
      But what do I know, that is just my opinion

    • @Borginborg yeah you make a very good point actually, there's a party coming up he'll be at that I could talk to him about it then but yeah its like a fact that after sex this hormone gets released which makes the girl like the guy more so might not be the best idea haha, I'll definitely use your advice though, thank you