How pretty is Indonesian girls in world beauty standards?

How pretty is Indonesian girls in world beauty standards?

  • Very ugly, I think I wanna puke
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  • Very Pretty, I want to get laid or date with one
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  • When I was younger, I was only attracted to Hispanic/Latino girls because that's what I am and that's why I knew. Now I find women of races, of every corner of the world, attractive. Lately I've had a thing for girls from South East Asia. I've met a few, and my Filipino friend's ex, who is also Filipino, is gorgeous.
    These are the first Indonesian girls I've seen, that I know of, and they're beautiful

    • I thought I have this weird taste in girls. I wanna date one, but she's Asian, or Indonesian should I say that I never heard before, I'm afraid that people will mock me. Okay, that sounds like a dick. But I have my reasons.
      Thanks for you opinion

    • If people mock you, then let them. You know you like her and she's beautiful, so why care what they say?

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  • I love Asian girls, but I am converting to Islam. Maybe this would be a good idea?

    • I can't tell you what you should do dude. Your religion shouldn't be based on other people's opinion. Yes, many Asians are Muslim. It would probably be a good idea to change your religion to Isam if you want to date one, cause they prefer guy with the same religion. But if you only pretend, they'll know.

  • 1st girl looks like a transvestite.

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