Was I too harsh/ did I cut him off too soon?

so I was seeing this guy for a few weeks. He was super sweet and hit me up with the sweetest text. The sex was also pretty great and so were our conversations. Overall we were pretty into each other..
but one morning when I was leaving he said "I love you" but then immediately got an "oh shit" look on his face lol. I assumed it was an accident and laughed it off and left.
After this he took days and often weeks to reply. When he did he'd say it was because he was too busy to text people. Which I get. But I replied quickly, didn't hear back at all, and then saw a bunch of stuff on social media showing he was definitely not too busy to send a text. So I got pissed and blocked his number. Now I regret it because I think we may have had something good, but I'm also not trying to get hurt or too invested in something *not* there

should I just keep it moving or try to reach out lol?
Was I too harsh/ did I cut him off too soon?
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