Why is he so nice to everyone but me?

He's nice to everyone but me? When we're in a group he talks to everyone but me. By the way, we do know eachother exist. I mean out of everyone in our group he's probably the one that knows me most. The weirdest part is, he looks at me when he talks most of the time. I get it, when he's straight across, but he'll be at the side and still be looking at me when he talks. Sometimes I get confused if he's talking to me. but he isn't cause he's mean! So why do you think he's being like this?


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  • He's trying to play off he doesn't like you.

    • Can I tell him to stop because it's really mean. He'll be so nice to our mutual lady friend then be so cruel to me.

    • Of course you can tell him to stop. Another option might be that he likes your mutual lady friend and wants to show her he likes her only. Who knows but definitely tell him.

    • Do you think you could give your opinion on this question I posted?

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  • Your existence annoys him for some reason.

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