Why the heck do dumpers delete the dumpee off social media?

So why delete us? Wasn't dumping us enough? Just add salt to the wounds to the wounds why don't you lol.

I guess I'm having a hard time understanding. You don't want the dumpees so I don't see the need to delete them except to be a jerk.

My ex deleted me off Snapchat (only social media tie we had). It's only been a month of full NC. I don't look at his posts (it tells the user who has viewed them). Haven't said a word to him. I was just going about my business. I have been posting on snapchat like me going out with my friends, enjoying the fall weather, etc. I was perfectly fine then he deletes me? I think that's pretty immature when there was no bad blood and I hadn't said anything to him. Heck, the day after I completely blocked his number and phone calls. He doesn't even post on Snapchat that often so what does it matter to have me on there especially if I don't look at your stuff?

Then a week later his good friend randomly requested me on snapchat*rolls eyes*. He's had my number all this time (add people on snapchat by #) and now you add me? Fine time to do it.

Just all seems immature and rude to be honest. We had a stupid game of "I don't want to look like a fool so I'm going to back off" after an minor argument and then in turn other would back off-so it just created distance. No one ever said I don't like you anymore or I don't want to do this anymore. This had to be the dumbest breakup that could've been fixed to be honest. I eventually got tired of the games and asked him what was going on and I got ignored. The next day is when I blocked him. All of this is just so stupid. The 'break up' to the deleting me for no reason. So DUMB

Of course, the same friend who added me a few weeks before all this happened said he was "in a weird space". Like why are you even adding me? lol. Of

Sorry just confused and needed to vent haha.
Why the heck do dumpers delete the dumpee off social media?
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