Dumper deleting ex off social media, why?

As the dumper, have you ever deleted your ex or someone that you weren't in a relationship with but really cared about a lot off social media? Why?

I was sort of with this girl and I liked her a lot. Started to fall for her. Things went funky between us and I was going through some life changes and let things go. Things didn't end badly at all between us. Well this was about 3 months ago and we've been officially NC for about a month. We're still friends on Snapchat. I don't know how it looks doing it after this long...


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What Girls Said 2

  • I broke up w/my ex, even though I really loved him. He treated me poorly towards the end and when I tried to express how I felt, that just turned into some pretty nasty arguments. I deleted him off of facebook and blocked him because I knew that this was the only way I would ever be able to move forward. I was very sad, but I forced myself to move on, which you should do as well.

  • I've unfriended people I've split up with before, usually to make it easier to get over them. But a few years agao, my ex who broke my heart went through facebook and deleted everything of me off there, he detagged himself from photos, deleted my posts on his wall, deleted everything basically, and it really hurt, I felt like he was trying to wipe me out of existence!

    I've still got stuff of him on mine, like old profile pics and stuff - I kind of wanted to keep them, as I did love him once, and everyone has a past - I think it's weird to try and remove all evidence of exes, seems to be a thing men do though.

    If you haven't spoken for a month I don't see any harm in defriending her. Really if you are NC, she might not notice.


What Guys Said 1

  • Always! Why would you want to stay in contact with an ex? What good comes from that?

    • If things ended amicably, no bad blood, why wouldn't you?

    • 1. The person who was dumped is quite often holding onto the hope that you will change your decision and the relationship will be saved. Maintaining the friendship allows them to hold onto that hope and delays their acceptance and moving ahead with their life.

      2. The person who does the dumping often says "let's stay friends" so they can fool themselves into thinking that they have been kinder about the process.

      3. When you move on to another relationship, you will quite often encounter jealousies from your new partner concerning the fact that you are still in contact with an ex. It raises their suspicions that you may have unresolved feelings for your ex.

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