Why do our plans always fall through.. is it my fault?

i have been close friends with this guy since we were in the sixth grade. we were each other's first bf/gf and i have never stopped liking/loving him. he's always been the perfect one for me and NO ONE has ever been even close to compare to him. we talked on and off all through highschool and i took him to my prom.. everyone always says that we are going to end up together, we belong together, everyone knows that we still like each other just by the way we look at each other, etc. But every time try to make plans with him, i feel like he always bums out of it. i just don't get it because i can tell that there is something between us, i just don't know why he would be pulling away. and if he doesn't like me, then why won't he just tell me? I don't know what to do.. should i just ask him what the deal is? scared of putting myself out there but would literally do anything for him.. he's so special to me tho and i don't want to ruin the friendship. i have mixed feelings... any advice?
Why do our plans always fall through.. is it my fault?
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