How to accept and deal with being unlovable?

Guys never want to commit to me or a serious relationship. I have introspected a lot, changed myself and my approach. Held my own in keeping my standards and self respect, compromised where I needed to etc. I behaved according to how a girl would if she is looking or waiting for something serious. Yet, i have never had a guy want something serious with me. It makes me upset, i try to distract myself but i ultimately end up feeling down that all my friends have found love and I still continue with the same things as usual. I gave up and that part is fine. What hurts is the realisation that im unlovable and unworthy. I'm very pretty, educated, funny and warm hearted... but men never want me. So when people tell me im special or amazing, i dont believe it because why would a guy let someone that great pass... they simply wouldn't. Any tips on how to cope?
How to accept and deal with being unlovable?
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