He unblocked me! Should I contact him?

So i met this guy on Tinder a month ago he's 30 and I'm 22!! He's Pretty old and serious, which I like! we started talking on the phone since the first day I felt so attracted to him, after one week we met in person, the date was great! We kissed from the first date which I never do I always like to take my time, but I felt so safe with him... He didn't want the date to end up as we were enjoying our time! Our second date he proposed to go to a hotel so we can be more comfy... By the way he knows I'm still a virgin and he promised that he won't do anything without my permission! After 2 days of him trying to convince me, I finally accepted and I trusted him! We went to the hotel we did some stuff that I've never did with someone! He was the first one I'm getting almost naked in front of, but we didn't have sex, after finishing I felt like he didn't believe that I've never did that before, it's like he didn't appreciate the fact that I chose him and not so many guys I met before. On our way home he was using the gps on my phone! Suddenly he went through to see if I still have Tinder cause he asked me to delete it one day before, but I forget, I had 700 match and 75 messages on it! He got upset, we didn't talk about it! I called him after dropping me! He didn't answer, the next day I messaged him I was like can I know why you don't answer me? he told me cause I have a lot on tinder! And he blocked me from whatsapp, I cried for 4 days, cause I've never been treated that way, I felt used and sent him a message from another number telling him how he made me feel and how I trusted him, and saying at the end "thanks for teaching me such a good lesson to never trust someone that quickly", after 10 days he unblocked me, but didn't talk to me it's been almost one week since he unblocked me, I'm not willing to be with someone who treats me in such way, But I still have feeling for him and I wanna meet him to talk cause I can't get over it, what's your advice guys?
Thank you.
He unblocked me! Should I contact him?
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