This guy calls me then hangs up?

There's this guy that keeps calling me from a with held number then hangs up when I answer. Now he does it all the time. About once a week, for some months now. I'm pretty sure I know who it is. But my question is, what is he getting out of it? He's obviously no intention of speaking to me otherwise he would have by now or else he'd have stopped calling. So what is it?

Is it to just hear my voice or what? I know this guy from college we see each other most days although don't always speak. He's very nervous around me etc.

I do like him though and I have expressed interest, he hasn't taken me up on my advances though.

But why the heck is he calling? What's the purpose?


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  • Could be automatic telemarketers. I was getting hangup calls so I did a call trace and that's what it was. Why they hang up I don't know. Maybe it's a survey for men so when they hear a female they hang up.

    • My first impression is that he has the courage to dial the phone, but not enough to talk to you.

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