Why does she keep contacting me and then canceling?

Sorry about the length and grammar i was kind of in a rush

I had been hanging out with this girl for awhile we had a falling out when she told my friend she was not talking to me until my feelings for her go away i asked her she denied it and we didn't talk for two months then i text her asking her to go to lunch she agrees but when the day comes she bails out on me and i text her let me know when you're free no response a couple days later my friend says she told him she doesn't have time right now because of family stuff and she started seeing this guy which i find hard to believe since she doesn't really date she just hooks up with guys so i finally decide to cut her off two weeks go by and my friend says she tried texting me 3 days ago and i never responded (its because i blocked her) and she's very upset so i become curious as to what she wants and text her she says she saw that my aunt was dying and she's here for me if i need anything blah blah blah i keep it simple and say thank you i appreciate that couple days go by it's Christmas she texts me first thing in the morning Merry Christmas!! Now here's where i become stupid i text her later asking her if she wants to do something tomorrow she immediately replies yes anytime after 4:30 today i text her that i'll pick her up around 6 she says can we go on Thursday instead? (No reason) and like a puppy i say sure why does she basically reject me cancel on me then start texting me again and then cancel and why do i keep falling for it because i know she's just going to do it again she also is keeping this other guy a secret from me how do i just stop completely? i'm fully aware that I'm sabotaging myself
Why does she keep contacting me and then canceling?
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