Why do guys bail out on a date?

why does a guy call you, have a chat, plan a night out then bail?, was he just making conversation, if so why bother calling at all ?

Then when you check to see if plans are going ahead with a text they don't reply? then call or text a week later ?


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  • Honestly to be fair women do this too. I've had so many girls pull this kind of shit on me a lot in the past. I think there are a few possible reasons.

    They're a flake.

    They're just not interested in you.

    They're playing games with you.

    They're short attention spanned.

    They're not thinking about your feelings.

    They're selfish.

    They're avoiding you.

    All of these are possibilities. To be honest though I can't begin to tell you why your guy did this to you on repeated occasions, but I can say this, if he has done this more than once, just kick him to the curb and cut him out of your life. You don't need or deserve that kind of crap and you most certainly CAN do better than that pathetic little fucktard.

    I may not be able to tell you the exact reason but I hope I at least made you feel a little better. Good luck with this.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

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  • I think people like that are just selfish and don't really understand what impact they have on bailing on someone. I had a guy agree to a tentative date ( I asked him out) and he let me know he was feeling sick, he made absolutely no attempt to make the date up, so in the end I deleted his number and will make no attempt to contact him. I can tell you though I did jump ahead of myself, I was excited about the date for like 4 days. Some people believe bailing doesn't matter and the date doesn't matter, but for someone who is interested in that person it does. Maybe some people like the chase or to be chased? Once they see you have interest they pull away. These kind of people are not worth any of your time and as soon as a guy does that to me, I delete his number and I live life.

  • yeah I get this as well but I know the guy and the last time he said it he was saying he's serious - I think that's the problem. he knows I'm serious and is not ready or doesn't want it. so annoying. next time I speak to him I'm gonna have a go at him.

    its a bit crap esp when there's no one else around you like and you have a good laugh with the guy. mind you I just take it as routine from him now.

  • b/c usually they will set up 2 or more dates up at a time and then pick the "best" option and just disrespectfully bail when they made plans with another girl