Why do guys ask to hang out then bail?

This has happened to me a few times. It just happened today. My new guy friend & I hung out last night over his place. We had a good time, got to know each other, etc. He kept expressing the whole time how he was so into me & I could tell he actually honestly meant it. He asked multiple time to hang out again soon.
He emailed me today around 4pm saying "Im free all day", "We can hang out today if you want". I agreed & said he could come to my place this time. He agreed & said "Cool, I just need to finish some homework then Ill get back to you". he's in law school. 4 hours later he finally replies & says he can't hang out. He messaged me in the first place & said he was free all day! Why do you guys do that? Dont make plans if you know you aren't going to follow through. Im wondering if its actually homework thats keeping him. Ugh... any advice.
Why do guys ask to hang out then bail?
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