Why do I guys with girlfriends like me?

Im even doing anything to attract these people. Im not flirty at all nor am i promiscuous. In fact, I've never been with anyone.

A while back, there was a guy at work that used to talk to me a little bit. He started staring a lot and getting giddy when we talked and i started to get the feeling that he liked me. Well, my boss overheard him telling someone that he did. And he also asked my friend if she thought he had a chance with me. She said no (im glad). Weeks later she said he broke up with his girlfriend. Not sure why he wanted to ask me out if he was taken.

So just recently i started to take interest in someone. It started when he started to walk by my department a lot. He would tell me my hair looked nice and what not. He started staring a lot. So i started trying to be around him more and he would leave. Eventually, my friend had him help me with something and we started talking. I was told he was a very talkative and outgoing guy. He seemed nice but really awkward. He kept looking down and seemed fidgety. The next time we worked together, i helped him do something and we got really close, where our shoulders were touching and face were close.

His boss that im friends with knows im interested so he purposely picks on him when im around and he laughs saying we are hilarious. Not sure how. The guy gets really nervous for some reason. The other day he was leaving and my boss hugged him and my friend did too and she said "she doesn't get a hug?" And he's like "yeah... i was working i it..." and he just stood there so i went up to him to hug him.

So lately he keeps passing by and coming to my department but he won't talk to me. My friend even noticed that he is always staring at me. Even when i dont notice it. So i had another friend ask him things. It turns out he has a girlfriend. So i am backing off.

This keeps happening and its upsetting. What could it be that makes me attract taken guys?
Why do I guys with girlfriends like me?
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