How can I summon Shrek into my room?

This dragon who calls herself my girlfriend holds me, noble sir Donki Hot, as her captive. Only Shrek can save me. How can I summon Shrek into my realm and get rid of the dragon?


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  • Utter mumbo jumbo 7 times naked wearing the skin of your enemies under the moonlight.


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  • You need a Shrek stone, but you'll only be able to find this item in Tamriel. If you don't have at least an errand boy to search for it I don't think that your chances are good.

    • No, I don't want to be the dragon's captive forever!

  • Pray to Shrek every night before you sleep. He may hear you, and come, grace you with his oniony magnificence, and save you from the dragon.

    Remember: it hurts, but you do it for Shrek.

    • If he helps me, I'll do anything to please my saviour.

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    • This dragon fucks me every day so I am not afraid. Tell me how to summon Shrek?